Cruise Ship Arrives in Karachi to Promote Tourism

Yes, it’s right that the fourteen-story Cruise Ship Arrives in Karachi to Promote Tourism right now. Read the entire article to find out how. Karachi The largest unique cruise ship in Pakistan’s port and cargo history is now on the Gadani Ship Recycling Yard. The largest cruise ship in the history of Pakistan, featuring 1400 room and 14 decks moored in Karachi, due to the global spreading of the new crown epidemic and its effects on tourism and transport industries. The news was reported to the public that the ship had been taken off and shipped to Pakistan to be disposed of. Discussions with authorities about the matter have already started.

The Italian cruise ship Costa Romantica arrived in Pakistan and the ship was cancelled. The Italian-built ship is known by the name of Costa Romantica. Prior to this, it was named by Antares Expertise after the vessel’s reconstruction in 2012.

Following the outbreak of coronavirus that ravaged the transportation and tourism industries, the company made available the scrapyard.

The cruise offers seven-star accommodations, which include heart, online gaming area, casino and three huge lounges. Due to the corona is a major issue, cruises around the world were badly affected. The vessel was bought by a new company in Pakistan to dismantle.

However, taking into consideration the best aspects of ship cruises. It’s also decided to use cruise ships to serve as a resort, journey or tourism purposes.

According to sources in the transportation industry the new cruise ship is currently worth 500.5 billion dollars. Furthermore, it has been approved to be an cruise ship by 2023.

When it arrived in Pakistan The ship was examination by the officials. This means that the cruise ship’s will be operational in the coming 10 to 15 years. For the sake of public interest of the ship’s request to make a call the port at Karachi Port. It was denied because of its enormous hull.

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