Akcent Visited Hunza & Promoting Tourism in Pakistan

Akcent Visited Hunza & Promoting Tourism in Pakistan

Akcent Visited Hunza & Promoting Tourism in Pakistan. Akcent was in Hunza for a holiday to show his point that Pakistan can be considered “safe and beautiful”. The Romanian singer shared the news on Twitter. Romanian musician Adrian Sena, better known as Akcent has recently announced via Twitter that he would be spending his time in Hunza and shared his wish to create a positive image of Pakistan.

The singer posted a brief video of him in which he is in the video saying “Hello and welcome to my page, Akcent. I’m glad to see you back at home in Pakistan.” The singer posted via Twitter: “This time I chose to spend my holidays with my family in Hunza, Pakistan, to demonstrate to the world that Pakistan is an amazing and secure country.

In the past, following the cancelation of the tour to England as well as New Zealand, Sina came out to stand up for Pakistan. Sina expressed his admiration for Pakistan via social media, where he’s performed in numerous concerts during the last few years. The singer posted: “I have been to Pakistan numerous times and I always feel comfortable and at home. Additionally, I feel secure there, and the warmth I receive from Pakistan is simply amazing. Additionally, I’ll be coming to visit often. I love my fans. and Pakistan Zindabad!”

In the past, a person observed the singer wearing a kurta-style suit at an event in Europe. In a post on Facebook, Sina confirmed that Kurta is from Pakistan as people speculated. In Europe’s YouTube concerts, which use the stunning Pakistani Kurta to set the tone for the latest fashions, Sina said that her wearing a Pakistani Thobe is a classy fashion statement, not just an honor to Pakistan. I’m trying to find the latest fashion trends.

Akcent’s Journey to Hunza

The singer who announced last month that his plans to travel to the northern regions of Pakistan have arrived in Hunza to start his journey.

Through Instagram this Wednesday morning, the popular artist That My Name posted a picture of him taking a breath in the fresh air, and describing the sensation as “magical.”

In a previous video, the singer was seen walking across an overpass within the city in order to show fans a glimpse.

“Heaven on earth,” Senna wrote in the caption of her post. Fans can also watch her cheering in the video.

Lahore The Wedding Reception Following Akcent Live Performance

This is Akcent who is covering the first wedding ceremony in Pakistan. It is a dance that talks at a wedding. Adrian Sina, the lead singer of the Romanian group Akcent has shared his affection for Pakistan repeatedly. From sports to the promise of encouraging tourism, each time Adrian announces his thoughts via social media, the fans will always be looking for something new and thrilling.

In the month of October, the singer announced that he will go to Hunza in the near future to prove to people around the globe that “Pakistan is a beautiful and safe country.” The singer was speaking when Aisha Omar expressed her excitement over this possibility, she commented in the comment section. Additionally, Adrian stated that he will arrange a meeting with Aisha in December. He also spoke of the possibility of “great cooperation.”

And Adrian’s most recent video has proven that he’s actually located in Pakistan! Adrian also hosted his first wedding ceremony in Lahore as a present to his followers.

“I performed for the first time at a beautiful wedding in Lahore, Pakistan,” Adrian wrote. The video however includes the bridal couple and her guests dancing in time to his hits.

We’re looking for more information from Akcent Travels to Pakistan.

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