Beautiful Destinations in the world for travelling in Autumn

15 Beautiful Destinations in the world to make your holiday special this Autumn:

The days are getting shorter and the temperatures are dropping, in other words: time to take a break this fall and book a nice holiday. But where should you go if you want to go on holiday in the fall? Below you will find an overview of beautiful destinations that are perfect for a city trip, round trip, or (sun) holiday in the autumn.

City Trips in Autumn:

For a city trip, you should travel to Southern Europe in the fall, for example. Where it is often still too hot in the summer months, you have ideal temperatures in the autumn.

1. Seville:

Autumn is arguably the best season to visit Seville. This city is bursting with sights, but it is actually very nice to hop from terrace to terrace. In terms of weather, you don’t have to worry about a rain shower, because you can still enjoy the lovely sun here in the fall.


2. Athens:

If you’re looking for a fun destination for a city break in the fall, check out airline tickets to Athens. The Greek capital is ideal for a weekend trip and is a surprisingly nice city. Of course, you must have visited the Acropolis of Athens, but also take a look at the cozy neighborhood of Anafiotika.


3. Lisbon:

Speaking of fun city trips: go to Lisbon! A bustling city where the weather is still lovely in autumn. There is plenty to see and do in the center, with fun initiatives such as LX Factory and neighborhoods such as Alfama. But even if you feel like a day trip from Lisbon, you have quite a few options. The impressive palaces of Sintra for example, but you can also just plan a day at the beach in the town of Cascais, among others.

Tel Aviv

4. Tel Aviv:

What do you get when you combine good food with beautiful beaches, special cultural highlights, and vibrant nightlife? Exactly, then you get a city trip to Tel Aviv. In the summer it gets very hot here, but in the autumn it is the perfect holiday destination. You can still lie on the beach and eat outside on the terrace, but also take beautiful city walks through the historic alleys in Jaffa and the impressive Bauhaus architecture.


5. Naples:

Seeing Naples and dying may not be taken very literally, but there is no doubt that this is a beautiful city. Naples naturally has a reputation, although as an average tourist you will not notice it very much. Instead, enjoy the best Italian pizza here and take trips to Vesuvius, Pompeii, and Capri. It is also very nice to spend a day with a rental car for a road trip along the Amalfi Coast.

For Some Adventure Tours:

Autumn is the ideal time for an adventurous holiday. Especially if you travel a bit to the south you have nice temperatures: not too hot and not too cold.


6. Morocco:

Morocco is ideal for an adventurous road trip. It’s a completely different world and only a three-hour flight away. Traverse the rugged Atlas Mountains and spend the night in the desert, or head to the coast for a lesson in surfing. Anyway, if you just want to refuel from all the impressions, you can choose from many relaxed riads in the Royal Cities.


7. Iceland:

Iceland is also a good idea for the autumn holidays. If this destination is still high on your list, then it might be a good idea to plan a trip now. Why? In the autumn it is relatively quiet, it is still light for quite some time during the day and you have a chance to spot the Northern Lights. So book a ticket, rent a car and go on holiday to Iceland this fall.


8. Madeira:

One of the most beautiful destinations for a holiday in autumn: is Madeira. This island is officially part of Portugal and the weather is nice all year round. It lends itself perfectly to a nice road trip, but you can also enjoy beautiful walks, spot dolphins and whales, and climb to viewpoints. Madeira is also called the Hawaii of Europe because of its impressive nature, so that says enough.

South Africa

9. South Africa:

South Africa has it all: wildlife, spectacular nature, and the necessary interesting sights. An ideal destination to visit in autumn, because it is dry, not too hot and it is not too bad with the rain. Not only nice for yourself but also the ideal conditions for spotting animals. Since the seasons have reversed on that side of the equator, everything starts to bloom again in October and November and the country is at its most beautiful.


10. Slovenia:

Slovenia is best known for its many great outdoor opportunities. You can take beautiful walks here, visit beautiful nature parks and the country also has quite a bit to offer in terms of adventure. Canyoning, rafting, paragliding, mountain biking, or supping: there is plenty to do. In the autumn, the country is also shrouded in the most beautiful autumn colors, making it the perfect season to plan a holiday.


11. Jordan:

Jordan is a relaxed destination for an adventurous autumn holiday. Of course, you must have seen the wonder of the world Petra, but there are more destinations that are worth visiting. How about floating in the Dead Sea, snorkeling, or diving in the Gulf of Aqaba it is also very cool to spend the night in the Wadi Rum desert.

If you are Looking for Sun Holiday In Autumn:

Where is it still warm in the fall? While it is getting colder in Pakistan, you still have a lot of sun in large parts of the world. In the fall and autumn, there are many beautiful destinations where you can go for a sun holiday. 

Canary Islands

12. Canary Islands:

If you crave sun, sea, and sand in the fall, but don’t want to fly too far, head to the Canary Islands. This Spanish archipelago is located at the height of Africa and you can reach high temperatures even in autumn. You can choose from different islands, each with its own character. Whether you like walking, beaches or culture, there is something for every type of traveler.


13. Thailand:

In the fall it is also recommended to go to Thailand. You are then just after the rainy season and just before the tourist high season. Everything is open, but you still have a lot of choices from beautiful hotels and it is relatively quiet on the beaches. For example, go island hopping in Krabi or set a course for the three tropical spots in the Gulf of Thailand: Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, and Koh Tao.


14. Egypt:

In Egypt, it is not long before to look for a sunny place, especially not in the autumn. The temperatures are high, but it is not as terribly hot as in the summer months. In any case, the Sinai peninsula is full of seaside resorts and beautiful beaches, but you can also travel to the popular Hurghada.

Cape Verde

15. Cape Verde:

Autumn is a great place to be on the Cape Verde Islands. You can make fantastic road trips here, for example on the green island of Santiago, but also laze on the beaches of Sal or Maio. In any case, there is no shortage of sun, because it remains nice and warm here in the fall. Tip if you find it difficult to sit still: combine different islands and experience the different faces of Cape Verde.

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