Face-to-face marketing has become a tool more than ever before as now clients want to interact personally with their trusted brands. However before the pandemic era, exhibitors use their tried and trusted methods for performing at the exhibitions once or twice a year for exhibition selection.

But now, COVID-19 has changed the rules for the trade shows. Exhibitors want to return to trade shows but are unsure what to do. So what does an exhibitor need to do when it comes to performing in the expos? You can take help form exhibition sand builders for exhibition selection.

Here is a dedicated article for you to identify and select the right expos along with certain questions about the exhibition and its requirements management.


The first step of choosing the right trade show starts with checking the upcoming events going to take place this year. With this, you need to also search for some expos that can be related to it but not completely linked to your industry.

E.g. a chocolate manufacturer can present their products at restaurant food shows. Even though manufacturing and restaurants are different things but they are closely related to each other offering too many networking prospects.

Once you have filtered the exhibition, take a closer look at making trade show goals. Keeping these goals in the mid is the key to a successful exhibition campaign.


Before you look at exhibition objectives, make out the place about what you want to achieve from the show. Put together goals and objectives that you can achieve while attending the show.

These goals can be building awareness in the market, improving the brand presence in the market, launching the product in international markets, and finding distributors or suppliers for raw materials for your business.

In the end, you need to make a marketing plan that helps you to fulfil your goals and a touch point to turn quality leads into sales. While discussing objectives with stakeholders try to meet the expectations and gain lots of profits from the market.


Find out the record from past exhibitions about which companies are performing at this edition of the exhibition. This will provide you with a unique idea about the competition and popularity of the trade show. Checking all this info will help you to determine which show is best for your business.

Also, look at the 4-floor plan to check how competitors have done in their past editions with the help of exhibition stand builders. Get an idea about how much business they have generated at the event and what tactics you need to do to compete with them.


Since exhibition selection can be an overwhelming experience and a good place to give a boost to the business. Before booking the space first, check out the city and dates of the show. Look out for the complete schedule and check out if there are any overlapping dates of competitors with the dates of activities you are going to perform.

Here is a list of questions that will help you in making the right exhibition selection. Make a dotted line on the points before making any decision about the exhibition and its requirement selection.

  • What percentage of expo space has already been booked?
  • How many attendees join the event as buying potential?
  • What are the payment options available for booth space?
  • What is the reputation of the exhibition in the global markets?
  • Are activities performed by other competitors on the show floor?
  • How to make the products to get maximum returns on investments?
  • Have other exhibitors made certain changes in their booth specifications?
  • What initiative does the organizer take to promote the events of exhibitors?
  • What are the sanitization procedures that the exhibition focuses on to ensure the safety of its attendees?

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