The Machine Movie Review And Summary

This American action comedy is based on Bert Kreischer’s 2016 stand-up performance of the same name. Mark Hamill, Jimmy Tatro, Iva Babi, Stephanie Kurtzuba, and Jessica Gabor play themselves alongside Kreischer in this Peter Atencio-directed movie. In the action-comedy, 23 years have passed since the original plot, and now Kreischer must deal with a family crisis brought on by the return of his estranged father. Continue reading The Machine Movie Review And Summary to learn more about the film.


When Kreischer first enrolled in college, he took a Russian language course completely at random. He claims that in an effort to maintain pupils, the professor scheduled a semester in Russia and just gave them all A’s. Protection in the form of bribed mobsters was recruited since all of the venues hosting the courses were under the jurisdiction of Russian mafia organizations. When Kreischer suddenly bonded with the gangsters by reciting the one Russian phrase he knew, “I am the Machine,” they welcomed him with open arms. And from that moment on, a myth was born. Ultimately, Kreischer and the mobsters loot almost everyone on a train journey one day, setting the film’s events in motion.

Review: Discussion

The Machine is a no-holds-barred repelisplus movie that is even more of an everyman John Wick than Nobody, which Bob Odenkirk led. The Machine is a fictional continuation of Kreischer’s true story with the same name. It has a lot of gunfights, slap fights, and over-the-top violence that would make David Leitch blush. In short, The Machine is a lot of fun.

Bert Kreischer, who has a lot of loyal fans, plays a version of himself that is a little bit made up. Bert, an imaginary character, is going to therapy after something embarrassing happened with his daughter. He is trying to restore his family life by living cleanly and working out. Bert’s connection with his father, Albert (Mark Hamill), is also strained. Albert runs a carpet business in Florida, and he doesn’t understand why people think his son is so funny. During his daughter’s Sweet 16 birthday party, a Russian mobster named Irina (Iva Babic) comes to get back a watch that Bert stole from her father 20 years ago, as told in his famous comedy act. Irina takes Bert and his father to Russia and makes the comic retrace his steps to find the lost watch. Then, throughout the movie, there are flashbacks of young Bert (Jimmy Tatro) going through the Russian train heist that seemed like a joke.

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Mark Hamill is hilarious in a part that is very different from anything he has ever played. Hamill plays Albert as a loving father who may not have the best bedside manner, but once he takes drugs, everything changes. Hearing Hamill curse and act like he’s high is funny on its own. Iva Babic’s role as the movie’s action star is a pleasant surprise. As Irina, Babic kicks ass and doesn’t take any crap from anyone, even though she has her own problems with her dad. This brings Bert and Irina closer together as they try to find the watch that started this whole mess.

Final Word

Fans of Bert Kreischer will love this continuation of his original story, which is wonderfully violent and rude. Mark Hamill is great as the older Kreischer and Iva Babic’s performance in this movie should lead to a lot of work for her. The Machine has some of the same kinds of action and fun as John Wick, Borat, and Bert Kreischer. If throat punches and dogs getting dropped kicked aren’t your thing, stay away. Everyone else, put down your drinks and get ready because The Machine is the real deal and needs to be seen by fans of big-screen comedy.

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