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Shift scheduling software is capable of much more than just assisting with the initial creation and assignment of staff shift schedules. The complex requirements of your company’s schedule will be handled by the staff management software, from monitoring attendance and punctuality to keeping track of billable hours. For your business, consider the following features of employee management software:


Software called Timelabs is used by both large organizations like Samsung electronics and small firms like Flourish Industry to manage their workforces, schedule their employees, and track productivity.

Strong time-tracking tools and scheduling are offered to hasten workflow and ensure maximum efficiency.

Key Components

Here are a handful of Timelabs’ salient features:

first, a work schedule

The Work Schedule function of Timelabs allows you to simply build and adjust your staff’s schedule from a different page. You can ascertain how long employees worked throughout a shift by utilizing a timer to log time.

Using this tool, you can:

creating different schedules for each employee.

Sharing.Schedules for work are in CSV files.

adding or deleting a shift or shifts.

The admins have control over who can view and update work schedules.

The software also keeps track of whether or not an employee started recording time for their shift on time, and based on that information, it awards an attendance status.

Keeping both silent and active time

Timelabs offers an engaging or silent period tracker for keeping track of employee labor hours. Using the manual or interactive time tracker, your employee can “Start” tracking time when they begin working and “Stop” when they finish the assignment or take a break. For more versatility, use the tool’s completely automatic or quiet time tracker. The moment a worker turns on their computer, timekeeping starts right away. The timer will run quietly in the background and won’t interfere with the employee’s ability to do their job.

The following is a list of the numerous report kinds you can access:

Activity Summary Report: Displays the amount of time an employee spent being active, manual, inactive, and on the go during a certain time frame.

Attendance Report: The attendance report includes information about employees’ attendance, absences, and any tardiness or early arrivals.

The Hours Tracked Report allows managers to see the team’s work hour information for a given time frame.

Report on Projects and Tasks: Shows how much time an employee spends on various projects and tasks.

The Timeline Report gives specifics about a worker’s schedule, working hours, and breaks.

The Timeline Report gives specifics about a worker’s schedule, working hours, and breaks. The “Customize Export Report” function allows managers to select the data to include in a downloaded report, eliminating the need to download separate reports from different pages.

The Web & App Usage Report includes a list of the websites and applications that workers use at work, along with an estimate of how much time is spent on each.

Payroll Management

You may pay employees directly through reputable payment processors like Paypal, Wise, Gusto, and ADP using the payroll feature of Timelabs.

You can also calculate an employee’s exact compensation based on the working days tracked during their working period. This eliminates the need for additional payroll software.

The instrument enables you to set your:

Period of money payments.

payment methods.

monetary sums.

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