The best known private schools and kindergartens in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is known around the world for its wealth and great lifestyle. It is also a great place to find employment as evidenced by the fact that people from around the world come to work and live there. Many of them come with their families including children as Abu Dhabi has some of the best kindergartens and private schools in the world. Let us find out which ones are the best

1. Global Indian International School

Abu Dhabi is one of the best-known private schools in Abu Dhabi providing stellar education to children from the kindergarten to the high school level. Run by the globally recognized GIIS group of schools, GIIIS Abu Dhabi boasts a world-class campus and some of the best teachers anywhere. Its students have an excellent track record when it comes to gaining admission to some of the best universities in the world.

2. GEMS United Indian School

GEMS United Indian School was founded in 1990. It boasts a brand-new campus and offers the CBSE curriculum. Its classes start from the primary level and go right up to secondary school. The school is highly valued by people in Abu Dhabi because it helps its students gain a scientific temperament, become more adaptable as well as gain cultural and social awareness. The students who complete their education here are known to get admission to some of the best colleges and universities in the world.

3. The Abu Dhabi Indian School

The Abu Dhabi Indian School happens to be one of the biggest private schools amongst the ones that follow the Indian CBSE curriculum. The school is licensed by the Ministry of education and has students studying in classes from the kindergarten level to the grade 12 level. Apart from its core subjects, the school offers language electives like Arabic, Hindi, and French at the SSC level. It is not surprising that this is one of the most sought-after Indian schools in Abu Dhabi.

4. International Indian School-Abu Dhabi

This school is one of the best international Indian CBSE schools in the region. It follows the EYFS and Montessori systems of education at the pre-school level. It boasts a Good Irtiqaa ranking and is quite popular amongst not just the expat Indian community, but other expat communities as well as local people. The school is quite well regarded for its infrastructure, faculty, and its enabling and empowering environment which makes the students grow into confident and competent youngsters.

5. Sunrise English School

This is one of the most sought-after Indian CBSE schools in the region. They provide education to students from kindergarten to high school. This is a school which has segregated classes for boys and girls. It provides language electives like French, Hindi, and Arabic. At the HSC level, the specializations are Science & Mathematics, Biology, Computer Science, Commerce & Mathematics, Informatics Practices, Psychology, and Sociology.

6. Model School Abu Dhabi

Model School Abu Dhabi was founded in 1987 and has grown to the extent that it has 5000 students and 350 staff members. The curricula followed by the school are CBSE and SSLC. The school boasts fantastic infrastructure including large classrooms, a great library, well-equipped laboratories, and so on. The school has a fabulous reputation amongst all the Indian expats, expats from other countries, and the local people. That is because they know that the school is the place where their children will receive the best possible education.

7. Bright Riders School

Bright Riders School is one of the best-known CBSE schools in Abu Dhabi. The school offers classes from kindergarten to grade 12 in both science and commerce streams. It is known to conform to the best international standards and provides the best education platform to children in the age group of 3.8 to 18 years.


Abu Dhabi excels at whatever it takes up and that includes its many outstanding schools. That many of these are Indian ones are the best is not really very surprising considering the fact that education is an integral part of the Indian ethos. The Indian private schools in Abu Dhabi are playing an important role in educating not just the children of the Indians living there, but also those of other expat communities as well as the locals.

Going forward one can continue to expect that the Indian international schools in Abu Dhabi will continue to cater to the needs of the children living in the Emirates right from the kindergarten to the nursery levels. The children of a nation are its greatest asset and by educating the future generations of Abu Dhabi youth the Indian schools in the emirate are making an outstanding.

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