8 to do’s: Happiness is in your own hands!

8 to do's: Happiness is in your own hands!
8 to do's: Happiness is in your own hands!

8 to do’s: Happiness is in your own hands!

That may sound too good to be true. But by paying attention to a number of concrete things, you do have your happiness under control.

1. Don’t focus on what’s missing

For example, look at children. Of course, they have their moods too, but in general, children seem much happier and happier than many adults. Is that because they impose fewer conditions on happiness? Because they need less to be happy?

Give a child a sheet of paper and some markers, and they are happy. Ask adults what they need to be happy and most come up with a whole laundry list of wishes: a higher salary, more time for themselves, less stress, more vacation, and so on. Children’s ability to be happy with whatever is available at the time makes them less demanding on happiness. And because of that, they are more often happy. If you focus on what’s missing, it’s hard to feel happy. After all, you’re dealing with what you don’t have.

Being grateful for everything you do have is a big step towards happiness. And if you think about it, there are a lot of things in your life that you can be thankful for. Do you have a roof over your head and money to live on? Do you have food every day? That’s more than many other people have.

2. Be active and enterprising

Happy people get more out of life because they put more into it. Don’t sit still, but set yourself goals, go out, do something new, have fun!

Happy people go for it. They don’t stand by the sidelines but try everything. Exciting activities contribute more to your happiness than boring routine activities. Make the most of life, start a new hobby, make new friends, do something fun.

To start, make a fun list of at least 20 activities that make you feel good. Be specific, realistic, and creative.

Also, Read 5 ways to set successful goals and stick to them!

3. Focus on your cute friends

Real friends meet. Cool social contacts make you happier and happier. Don’t decline invitations, organize regular outings or fun activities yourself, or do something in a group.

You can also meet new people by volunteering, taking a course, or joining a club. The more time you spend with others, the happier you become.

Happy people are usually very sociable, easy to make contacts, and easy to get along with others. Social contacts are an important source of happiness. Making extra friends will also make you feel better about yourself. You can then do something every weekend, if one friend can’t, you can go out with another. It’s about offline friends though, 50 extra Facebook friends won’t really make you happier.

4. Try to achieve goals

Happy people don’t just have fun, they work hard on things that are important to them. In addition, they are productive and work with purpose. What is important to you? Which goals are meaningful to you? If you have no idea yet, then you should think deeply about it.

Make a commitment to get one step closer to your goals each week. Getting closer to your goals is important. Because goals you don’t try to achieve aren’t goals, those are dreams. And dreams only make you happy when you dream. Trying to achieve goals step by step makes you happy every day, without having to start fantasizing.

For example, to be happy your career choice is very important. It’s not about status or a high salary, but about work that you find fun and important. If you set a big goal, chop it up and be grateful every time you get one step closer. Compare with where you were a few months ago, and don’t focus on the ultimate goal that is still (too) distant.

5. Don’t worry

Makes sense, but the worry is the nemesis of happiness. Happy people are not (or less) concerned because they realize:

  1. Worrying is an unpleasant activity.
  2. Worrying isn’t worth the hassle.
  3. You can’t take away most worries anyway (yes, you could get sick tomorrow, but there’s no point in anticipating that).

Not convinced? Then keep a worry diary and see how many worries have come true after a while. Immediately turn negative thoughts into positive ones. Ask yourself: Is this a real problem and can I do something about it? If not, do something positive and forget about your worries.

6. Exercise

Sport is very important for people with a desk job. Sport is not only very good for your body, but also for your mind. If you are gloomy, sad, or angry, it is best to exercise. Your muscles are then largely in motion, which causes the brain to secrete certain hormones. These provide a kind of happy feeling, which makes you happier.

In addition, you can vent your frustrations by exercising. For example, go running or boxing. This way you can be healthy, get rid of your frustrations and also leave the sports club cheerfully.

After exercise, you are often relaxed and you can take on life again. You put your thoughts aside for a while and sweated your negative feelings out of your body. How many times have you imagined that you are tired and have to drag yourself to the sports club? But after the sporting efforts, you are as fresh as a daisy again.

7. Do as much as possible what you are good at!

Everyone has at least some things they are very good at. Find ways to do these things more often. The happier you do what you do, the happier you are. Of course, sometimes you have to do things against your will. But you can find ways to do things you’re good at more often. And you automatically prefer to do what you are good at.

Are you a fantastic trainer? Then try to find a way to train more people. Are you a good seller? Then find a method to reduce or outsource your administrative tasks, so that you can spend more time with customers.

8. Live your own life

People on their deathbed often regret: “If only I had had the courage to live my whole life, and not live according to the expectations of others.” It doesn’t matter what other people think. Certainly not people who don’t or barely know you. Your dreams, goals, what you enjoy,… Just go for it. Surround yourself with people who encourage this or are involved in similar matters. Make sure you maintain your relationship with them. Let go of people who want you to become someone you are not.

Happy people say what they think (which is different from being rude), behave the way they want, are spontaneous and authentic. Thus, they attract people who appreciate them for who they are. Be spontaneous and honest. Show who you are. You may not be liked by everyone, but you will definitely attract and meet people that suit you.

How to Achieve Happiness in Life: A Happy Life Complete Guide with Positivity!

How to Achieve Happiness in Life

Happiness is something that we all strive for and very few people achieve.

What is happiness? how to be happy? Happiness can be seen as a state of mind, a sense of well-being and joy, or the accomplishment of something that one desires or strives for. Happiness cannot be found in objects or circumstances, but within oneself.

The word “happiness” comes from the Old English term ‘hap’ meaning chance or fortune.

There are many different perspectives on what constitutes happiness and what factors lead to it. This is because there is no single definition of happiness that applies to everybody, and people have different needs and desires in order to be happy.

The Science Behind Happiness – How to Be Happier and Live a Better Life:

It is a research-backed and scientifically-proven fact that individual happiness and overall well-being has a direct effect on the society and culture. So, Dont forget this happiness science.

Happiness has been found to be contagious.

Though, not everybody is happy in their day to day life. Some people are constantly struggling with problems in their social lives, at work or in school. They are not happy with their body image or they are struggling with self-esteem issues. Sometimes even with relationships.

But there are some things you can do to make yourself happier every day with positive psychology and understanding happiness research – starting today!

5 Surprising Factors That Can Make You Happy Now!

keywords: personality type personality test, personality test quiz, personality traits name

We are all different with unique thoughts, feelings, and lifestyles. Yet there are some universal factors that can make us happy – whether we realize it or not.

With so much in life to be happy about, these five factors may come as a surprise. So next time you’re feeling down, remember these five factors—just one of which may be enough to put a smile on your face.

– Personality type personality test / Personality test quiz

– Personality traits name

– Air quality

– Sufficient sleep

– Exercise

10 Secrets of Extremely Happy People Revealed!

keywords: secrets of happy people, how happy people think differently from unhappy people) 4 Simple Steps on How to be More Positive in Life! (

The secret to happiness is not what you think. It’s not about money, success, or something like that. Happiness is a decision, and it’s up to you to make the choice.

It’s true that there is no one thing that guarantees happiness. However, research has shown that people who are consistently happy tend to have these 10 secrets in common.

The 10 secrets of happy people:

1. They practice gratitude

2. They keep an open mind

3. They make time for themselves

4. They find work they love to do

5. They maintain a healthy lifestyle

6. They eat in moderation and exercise regularly

7. They help others in need and volunteer their time to causes they believe in

8. They stop comparing themselves to others

9) Live in the present moment and enjoy what they have now

10) Laugh a lot

How happy people think differently from unhappy people?

The experiment was conducted by researchers at the University of California. They found that people who are satisfied with their lives see themselves as more successful, likable, and physically attractive than those who are dissatisfied.

The study showed that happy people perceived themselves as more successful, likable, and physically attractive than unhappy people.

A study was conducted by researchers at the University of California to find out how happy people think differently from unhappy people. They found that those who are satisfied with their lives see themselves as more successful, likable, and physically attractive than those who are dissatisfied.

Importance of positivity for happy life:

Humans are not programmed to stay happy all the time. That’s why it is important to maintain a balance of both positive and negative emotions for a healthy lifestyle.

Positive emotions help to build up our immune system, improve mood, and increase resilience. They can also boost creativity levels and brain functioning skills. On the other hand, negative emotions help us find solutions which is vital for decision making.

4 Simple Steps on How to be More Positive in Life!

These steps are easy enough to follow, but they can make a huge difference in one’s attitude.

1) Practice gratitude

2) Meditate

3) Exercise

4) Eat healthy

Happiness doesn’t happen by chance; it takes work. You can be happy if you want to be.


The conclusion suggests that positivity and gratitude is important for happiness and can help people to achieve personal goals and ambitions. It says that they should be grateful for the life they live, the people in their lives, and everything else around them. Happiness is a state of mind and you can achieve it in many ways. Happiness is when we pursue our passion, when we feel content with what we have and who we are, when we live with positivity in our lives.