Starting the Education Journey of Your Child

When And Why Choose A Preschool?

Are you confused about when to send your child to school for the first time? The age of 3-4 years is the best age for a kid to begin their academic journey. By academic journey, we mean that one need not directly be admitted to a rigid classroom. Instead, today’s modern teaching methods and technology have introduced the concept of a preschool which is the best way to start education.

It helps your child to build a strong foundation for their social, academic and life skills to give them a leg up in their early years. With teachers specially trained to teach your children what they need to know in the form of games and various activities, studies prove that preschool makes a child ready for their academic life in a much better way along with improving their social skills.

Since the child will interact with others, including their peers and adults who are not family, they will develop strong foundational conversational skills.

Are International Preschools The Right Choice For Your Child?

An international preschool has programs that are focused on not just social and interpersonal skills but also emotional, language, communication and mathematical progress.

Why Choose Giis?

The Global Indian International School is one of the finest schools in Bangalore with an internationally acknowledged method of preschool teaching. Offering an all-around development for all grades, the school offers classes from pre-nursery to Grade 12.

Growth and Development in GIIS

As a winner of several accolades and with a SMART campus, GIIS has the perfect environment for early years’ development for your kid. The course curriculum promotes Next Gen learning, which essentially puts the student in the centre of learning activities by using student-centred and innovative strategies.

This includes personalized education and competency-based skill development to focus on the enhancement of knowledge rather than just academic progress.

With an innovative pedagogy and technologically equipped infrastructure, the school makes sure that your child is introduced and is competent to not just be at par but in fact, excel at the challenges of the modern world.

A GMP Curriculum

A well-designed Montessori Plus Program based on the teachings of Maria Montessori while keeping in mind the new-age competition allows the child to get an understanding of the world around them and prepare them for the next step while having fun.


Bangalore is a city with a vast number of opportunities. With many choices comes the risk of making the wrong one, too. Choosing a school in Bangalore can be overwhelming, especially at such a young age. You may not be sure of what to expect and what would your little one like and enjoy.

In such a case, you may want to go for an internationally acclaimed preschool with a good social environment. At such a young age, the learning environment becomes a leading factor in the child’s mental development and GIIS gives your child the perfect platform to learn and grow.

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