Simple Ways to Avoid Anxiety During the IELTS Exam Preparations

Fear is a serious concern that is faced by each test taker during their test or any type of exam. It is enough to affect your mindset and your performance as well. So, if you are facing the same problem that is discussed above, you must have some effective tips and tricks to overcome this menace as earlier as possible, it will be extremely helpful for you to connect with English Speaking Course in Ludhiana that will provide you with help to alleviate the serious issue named fear.

Read on to know about Common Fears Related to the IELTS Exam

Failing to hear the audio

This is the most common problem faced by IELTS candidates during the speaking exam because they have to focus on the audio and have to answer different types of questions like MCQs, Fill Ups, matching, map labeling, and form completion. And the question is why do we always skip audio in the listening? the answer to this might be loss of concentration and fear.

Losing focus during listening

There is a direct link between focus and fear and it is very clear by the renowned researchers that behind the loss of concentration is anxiety by the test takers and it is very common these days. Why is happen? Because it is human nature, we cannot focus on a single thing for a long time. For this, we have to practice more and more, only by practice we can curb this problem. With the internet facility, it is very easy. due to the fact that there are an umpteen number of websites available where you can practice listening tests and get familiar with the Western accent which is the second most common reason behind the problem of loss of concentration.

Another effective tip to Tackle this can be that don’t stick to one answer. it means something because of any reason you can skip an answer but don’t waste your time to find that particular question’s answer because by this you can lose your other answer as well and they can play audio only for a single time.

Getting an unfamiliar topic for writing task

Those students who are not in the habit to read and writing, find themselves in this unpleasant situation, because to write task 2 we have some appropriate ideas similar to a given topic. That’s why learners find it difficult to write on a piece of paper and to present their ideas in the form of impressive essays as well. If you are going through this situation you should write at least 2 essays per day and have to grab knowledge of different types of essays to get rid of this fear.

Time management for the reading module

Time management is a great skill that is important for students who are going to sit in an IELTS examination. In the case of the reading module, it is very crucial to do the same. why? because you have to complete a total of 40 questions in 1 hour. The main solution to this problem would be that do not to stick to a single question if you find it difficult to answer

Hand gestures during the speaking module

These days there are myriad youtube channels available that always discussed that using hand gestures might be offensive for examiners but in actual, it is extremely common and most of people like to make hand gestures while they are speaking and it is clear that making hand gestures will not disturb your scores.

Reaching centre on time

Try to keep all of your anxiety at bay the night before your test. Because it can be stressful and packed with anxieties. Make sure you have a sound sleep the night before, keep all of your technology out of the way. And try not to think too much about the test the following day. You will undoubtedly arrive at the IELTS testing site on schedule. In addition to the above questions, the students might have other fears such as How to greet examiners? What type of vocabulary have to use in the writing task? What will happen if I fail on the first attempt?

If you are going through the same situation. it is very important to tackle this hindrance. You can contact English Speaking Course in Jalandhar for useful guidance and can score 8+ on the first attempt.


In the gist of the whole content, it can be stated that fear is a common problem and every student is suffering from this when they have to sit for an exam. however fear can affect your IELTS results and this can be tackled by effective guidance and practicing more and more.

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