steps to create a positive mindset yourself

4 steps to create a positive mindset yourself!

“Try to think more positively”… it’s said quickly and easily. But how do you do that and why would you do that? Because we can indeed influence our positive mindset, according to research. If basic human needs such as competencies, connectedness, and autonomy are fulfilled, we can influence the functioning of our thoughts in a positive way.

Thoughts influence our behavior, which in turn can change a feeling or situation. This theory of self-fulfilling prophecy – the phenomenon where your brain starts to accept your thoughts at a certain moment – is mainly of application to negative thoughts: by focusing on a particular negative thought, the chance increases that this feeling or future image will actually become reality.

But fortunately every medal also has a flip side. So you are certainly able to turn this theory to your advantage. Everything starts with ‘how you look at the situation’. Your brain shows what your beliefs are, what is in your subconscious is rooted.

Did you know …

… that you create certain beliefs throughout your life through previous experiences (through your parents, school, relationships, etc.)?

…that you interpret your beliefs as if they were the truth?

… that these beliefs are deeply rooted in your long-term memory and that you keep bumping into these beliefs?

… that the message is to work on that core, because only then can you change your perception?

… that what you think is only 7% created by your consciousness? 93% of your thoughts are created by your subconscious. That is why it is so important that you fill your consciousness with positive thoughts as much as possible, so that they can then penetrate to your subconscious!

Train your brain in 4 steps

In order for something to penetrate from your consciousness to your subconscious, you will have to brainwash yourself with what you want. You can train your brain like a muscle. How? By following the following 4 steps…

Notice the thought. The more aware you are of your thoughts, the more you can control your thoughts and emotions.

When noticing a negative thought, ask yourself if it is true. Does this contribute to who you want to be? No? Then you are not feeding this!

Find a personal and positive mantra – a vision of how you want to be in life – that you say at least 10 times in a row. Repeat this to yourself 3 times a day. Make sure that a mantra is always formulated positively. For example: today is going to be a nice day!

Link your mantra to daily activities , for example in the morning while brushing your teeth, in the afternoon during your break or after work when you drive back home. This ensures that you do not forget to cancel it.

Remember that a thought is not who you are, it is just a thought. You choose to feed this or not. You choose this consciously. You will consciously delete the thoughts that you do not want to do anything with.

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“Choose and allow what does suit you and who you want to be. From there you become stronger and create more strength of your own,” concludes Martine. “By training this, you will notice that the effect and your positive feeling increase.”

With a positive mindset you will not only feel better, your results will also improve: on a sporting, relational, but certainly also on a professional level.

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