How to Watch YouTube Without Ads [Quick Ways]

Youtube has always been full of ads but lately the number of ads is becoming more and it is becoming quite unbearable for the users. If you are also one of such users and you are trying to find out ways using which you can watch ad free youtube then you can stop your search here.In this guide today, you will be offered with some quick and amazing ways which you can use to watch youtube without ads.

Getting a Youtube Premium

Youtube itself has provided a way for the users to go ad free but for this you need to pay certain amount of money to youtube. Yes, we are talking about the premium version where you will be able to watch videos without ads, can download videos and can also use youtube in background play.

The cost for this service is around $9.99 to $17.99 for each month, besides this the premium benefits will also applied to youtube kids and to youtube music as well.

However, if you do not want to pay the premium amount do not worry we have some other possible ways for you to watch youtube without ads.

Go for YouTube Streaming without Ads –

The ways which have for you includes using an ad blocker or you can also opt for using a VPN.

The first way which we would suggest you is to simply install an ad blocked on the browser which you are using as the ad blocker apps are designed in a way that they will detect and immediately block the ads appearing on the web pages.

The best ad blockers which you could use are Ad block, adblock plus, stands, ghostery, poper blocker, etc.

You can also make use of a desktop ad blocker which will provide you with various services such as –

  • It will prevent any video ads, sponsored ads, pop up, on your desktop from any of your windows app along with which it will also neutralize the trackers.
  • It can also prevent you from accessing harmful domains and it also supports whitelisting.
  • It will also keep a record of the blocked items and will also provide you with the option to turn on dark mode on your desktop.

If you do not want to install any add blocker then you can use a VPN service also referred as Virtual private network which will provide you with various services along with blocking ads from your youtube videos.

The popular VPN services which you can access are surf shark, nord VPN, cyber ghost, etc. These VPNs will also keep you secure from any malware on your device, will also keep all your data safe and secure, will also prevent your device from getting hacked, and will also let you see youtube no ads.

These were some of the ways which we had sorted out for you to block the advertisements from your youtube videos so that you can go for youtube streaming without getting interrupted by the ads.

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