How to Reduce Fuel Costs with One Credit Card

Vehicles are an important part of our daily life. Whether about daily commutes or long drives, riding your personal vehicle is always convenient. However, spending a big part of your monthly earnings on fuel is never pleasant.

Introducing the ultimate solution: a Fuel Credit Card, your key to reducing fuel expenses with just one credit card. With a multitude of benefits and exclusive perks, this revolutionary card will not only ease the burden on your wallet but also open the doors to a more economical and enjoyable driving experience.

Say goodbye to financial stress at the pump and join us as we unveil the remarkable benefits of one credit card that will transform how you fuel your journey. We will also go through a general evaluation of this special card compared to a regular credit card. Let us dive into it.

A fuel credit card or a general credit card?

The fundamental difference between these two cards is in their nature. A fuel credit card is specifically designed for fuel and lubricant expenses. They offer perks and discounts on fuel pumps.

On the other hand, regular credit cards do not offer any specific rewards or benefits for fuel expenses. Besides this, their canvas is a little broader. You can make any purchase using a credit card, which is not possible with fuel cards.

Depending on this analysis, you can choose a credit card online that suits you best. Besides, you always have the option of something like a OneCard Credit Card, designed to manage all expenses and not only fuel.

How to save money on fuel using a fuel credit card

  1. Use a fuel credit card for fuel purchases

If you buy fuel frequently, it is best that you use a fuel credit card. You will save more this way than by using a general credit card. You will enjoy a higher discount and cashback using a fuel credit card.

  1. Use a credit card affiliated with a fuel brand

Cards affiliated with a fuel company provide attractive perks. If you plan on using a general credit card, make sure you swipe the card at affiliated petrol pumps to avail some perks. One way to tell is when there is a specific discount for using a credit card to buy fuel from a particular fuel brand.

  1. Patronise a petrol pump

Though it is a matter of your choice and convenience, buying fuel from the same station is beneficial. If you have a petrol station from an affiliated company, you will anyhow earn reward points. In addition, if you have a OneCard Credit Card, the first two major expenses are automatically subject to reward points. So it can be a win-win deal for you.

One credit card benefits include saving money on fuel while accessing higher quantities of the product. A one-in-all credit card offered by OneCard would also help put you in charge of your expenses when they are fuel-related or for general purchases. Your fuel purchases will be trackable in your credit card app and reviewable in your monthly bill statement.


Using a fuel credit card to buy petrol/diesel would save you more on fuel purchases. It is also beneficial to buy fuel from affiliated companies. Through reward points, you will ultimately save money on transportation.

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