How To Do Capcut Green Screen With Best Method 2023

Capcut Green screen, also referred to as Chroma key, is a post-production technique that enables users to combine two video frames into one. This technique allows for the alteration of the background in any video according to the user’s preferences. It is commonly utilized in science fiction movies, weather forecasting programs, and news broadcasting channels to replace the original background with a customized one.

If you are searching for an application that still supports Green screen functionality, your search ends here. Capcut is the only video editing app that offers a wide range of features while maintaining a minimal user interface. It provides numerous filters and effects to enhance your video collection. With Capcut, you can adjust video speed, add layers, apply 3D Zoom Effects, insert text, and much more.

Let’s explore two of the simplest and most popular methods for achieving a green screen effect on Capcut. You can choose whichever method suits your needs. The first method involves using a color picker to select and remove your desired color. The second method allows you to eliminate the green screen by employing a background remover tool.

Step1- Get the Green Screen Overlay

Capcut Green Screen

“To incorporate green screen videos into this tutorial, it is necessary to have access to such videos on your mobile phone. To find suitable green screen videos, you can visit YouTube and search for “green screen videos.” Numerous Instagram accounts specialize in creating green screen videos, and you can download them using a video downloader or opt for the screen recording feature.”

green screen capcut

Don’t worry if you come across videos featuring different colored backgrounds such as blue or pink. Occasionally, video editors opt for alternative colors when the subject’s color closely resembles green. You can utilize these colors as long as they are solid, have high opacity, and aren’t pixelated.

Instead of sharing someone else’s project, you have the option to create your own green screen videos. You can use mobile editing software or software capable of removing backgrounds from videos. With Capcut, for example, you can achieve a green screen effect by utilizing the “Remove Background” feature and replacing it with a green screen. Capcut Green Screen


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