Where is the home improvement show hometown filmed

Where is the home improvement show hometown filmed?

Have you ever watched an episode of the HGTV show “Hometown” and wondered how it was filmed? The show follows the renovation of homes and stories of the families who live in them. In this article, we’ll take a look at where Hometown is actually filmed and what goes into the process.

Introduction to the Home Improvement Show Hometown

Hometown is a home improvement show that airs on the A&E Network. The show follows brothers Mark and Matt Bowe as they renovate homes in their hometown of West Virginia.

The show has been a ratings success for the network, averaging 2.4 million viewers per episode during its first season. Hometown has also been praised by critics, with many praising the brothers’ work ethic and the show’s focus on family and community.

If you’re looking for some home renovation inspiration, or just want to see some good old-fashioned hard work, Hometown is definitely worth checking out.

Where is Hometown Filmed?

Hometown is filmed in and around the city of Knoxville, Tennessee. The majority of the exterior shots for the show are filmed in the historic downtown district, while the interior shots are filmed on a soundstage located just outside of town.

In addition to Knoxville, the nearby towns of Maryville and Sevierville also serve as filming locations for Hometown. Both towns are located within a short drive of Knoxville, making them easy to get to for the show’s cast and crew.

Filming for Hometown takes place throughout the year, with most episodes being shot during the spring and summer months. This allows the show to air during its regular timeslot in the fall and winter.

What Else Does Hometown Feature?

Hometown is filmed in North Carolina in the town of Mount Airy. The show features host Ben and his family as they renovate homes in the area. In addition to home renovations, the show also features local businesses and attractions.

Some of the businesses that have been featured on Hometown include:

* Mayberry Ice Cream: A local ice cream shop that was featured in an episode where Ben and his family renovated a home.

* Wally’sService Station: A local gas station and car repair shop that was featured in an episode where Ben and his family worked on a car.

* Floyd’sBarbershop: A local barbershop that was featured in an episode where Ben got a haircut.

Behind the Scenes of Hometown

Hometown is filmed in various locations around the United States. The show is produced by High Noon Entertainment, and it airs on the DIY Network.

Each episode of Hometown features a different family who is renovating their home. The show follows the family as they work with a team of experts to complete their project.

The behind-the-scenes crew works hard to make sure that each episode is enjoyable and informative. They work with the families to choose the right projects, and they also help with the logistics of filming.

Filming for Hometown takes place over the course of several weeks. During that time, the crew becomes like family, and they form bonds that last long after the cameras stop rolling.

Interview with the Cast and Producers of Hometown

The home improvement show Hometown is filmed in the small town of Hiram, Georgia. The cast and producers of the show took some time out to answer a few questions about what it’s like filming in such a tight-knit community.

Q: What has been your favorite part about filming in Hiram?

A: There’s just something special about this town. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. It really feels like home here.

Q: What was it like adjusting to life in a smaller town after living in a big city?

A: It definitely took some getting used to, but we’ve grown to love it here. It’s nice to be able to walk down the street and wave to your neighbors.

Q: How has the community supported the show?

A: They’ve been amazing! We’ve had folks offer up their homes for us to film in, help us with construction projects, you name it. We couldn’t do this show without them.

How Can Viewers Get Involved in Home Improvement Projects Featured on Hometown?

Viewers can get involved in home improvement projects featured on Hometown in several ways. First, they can submit their own home improvement project ideas to the show for consideration. Secondly, they can vote for their favorite projects featured on the show each week. Finally, viewers can also participate in online discussion forums about the show and share their own tips and advice with other members of the community.


Home Improvement Show Hometown is a show that has been filmed in several locations across the United States. It is a fun, light-hearted look at home improvement projects and provides plenty of useful tips for viewers looking to tackle their own DIY projects. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or instruction, Home Improvement Show Hometown offers something for everyone. So if you ever find yourself wanting to take on your own home project, check out Home Improvement Show Hometown and get inspired.

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