What happened to Eileen on home improvement

What happened to Eileen on home improvement?

Home Improvement was a beloved television show from the 90s, and one of its core characters was Eileen, played by actress Taran Noah Smith. But what happened to her after the show ended? Join us as we explore the life of this former child actor, and find out what she’s been up to since leaving Home Improvement.

Introduction to Home Improvement

When it comes to home improvement, there are a lot of different things that can be done in order to make your home look and feel its best. Whether you want to tackle some small projects on your own or hire a professional to help with the big ones, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to improving your home.

One of the most popular television shows of the 90s was “Home Improvement,” which followed the trials and tribulations of Tim Taylor (played by Tim Allen) as he attempted to raise his family and run a successful business while also dealing with the never-ending list of repairs and renovations that come with owning a home. The show was widely popular, and even spawned a few spin-offs, but what happened to the cast after the show ended?

Eileen Connell played Jill Taylor on “Home Improvement,” Tim’s wife and mother of their three sons. After the show ended, Eileen took some time off from acting to focus on her family. She made occasional appearances on television shows and movies, but has largely stayed out of the spotlight in recent years.

What Happened to Eileen on Home Improvement?

Eileen was a character on the popular ’90s sitcom Home Improvement. She was played by Patricia Richardson and appeared in all eight seasons of the show.

Eileen was Tim Taylor’s (played by Tim Allen) next door neighbor and friend. She was always there to offer advice or help out when needed. In the final season of the show, it is revealed that Eileen has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

Although she doesn’t appear in the series finale, it is implied that Eileen has passed away by the end of the series. This is a sad but fitting end for a beloved character who brought so much joy to fans over the years.

The Reason Behind Eileen’s Departure

Eileen was a beloved character on Home Improvement, but she left the show after just two seasons. While there are many rumors about why she left, the most likely reason is that she simply wanted to move on to other projects.

Eileen had a successful career before Home Improvement, and it’s likely that she wanted to return to her roots in theater and film. She has since appeared in a number of movies and TV shows, including The West Wing and Boston Legal. Whatever the reason behind her departure, Eileen will always be remembered as one of the show’s original cast members.

How the Show Handled Her Character’s Exit

When Eileen left Home Improvement, she did so on her own terms. She was not written off the show or killed off; rather, she simply moved away to pursue other opportunities. This was in keeping with her character’s independent spirit, and it allowed the door to be left open for her to return if the opportunity ever presented itself.

While Eileen’s departure from Home Improvement was handled well from a storytelling perspective, the same cannot be said of how her character was treated in the final season. In the show’s eighth and final season, Eileen was barely seen and had very little to do. It was as if the writers had forgotten about her, which was a shame given how important she had been to the series up until that point.

Reactions from Fans and Critics

When news broke that Eileen was leaving Home Improvement, fans and critics were quick to share their reactions. Many were shocked and disappointed that she was leaving the show, while others understood her decision and wished her the best in her future endeavors.

Many fans took to social media to share their thoughts on Eileen’s departure. Some were sad to see her go, while others wished her well in her future projects. One fan even created a petition asking for Eileen to be brought back to the show!

Critics also had mixed reactions to the news. Some said that Home Improvement would not be the same without her, while others praised her for her work on the show and wished her luck in the future.

Overall, it seems that fans and critics alike are sad to see Eileen leave Home Improvement but are excited to see what she does next.

How the Cast Has Reacted to Eileen’s Departure

The cast of Home Improvement has reacted to Eileen’s departure in a variety of ways. Some have been supportive, while others have been critical.

Supportive cast members include Tim Allen, who played Eileen’s husband on the show. He tweeted that he was “sad to see her go” and that she was a “great mom and actress.” Patricia Richardson, who played Eileen’s mother-in-law on the show, also tweeted her support, saying that she was “very sorry to hear” about Eileen’s departure and that she wished her the best.

Some cast members have been critical of Eileen’s decision to leave the show. Jonathan Taylor Thomas, who played Eileen’s son on the show, tweeted that he was disappointed” in her decision to leave and that he would have liked to see her character stay on the show longer. Zachery Ty Bryan, who played Eileen’s eldest son on the show, also tweeted his disappointment, saying that he was “gutted” by her decision to leave and that she would be missed.

Where Is Eileen Now?

Eileen is now a stay-at-home mom and occasional actress. She appeared in an episode of Tim Allen’s show Last Man Standing in 2013, but has otherwise retired from acting. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, actor Troy Evans, and their two children.


Eileen was a memorable character on Home Improvement, and her disappearance from the show left many fans wondering what happened to her. Though there has been speculation over the years as to why she vanished from the series, we may never know why Eileen truly disappeared. Nevertheless, her presence on the show is still fondly remembered by fans who enjoyed watching this funny and determined character on one of their favorite sitcoms.

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