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Why must you MUST choose LED lighting in 2021?

Today, technological development is moving very fast. The day the light bulb was invented is more than 100 years ago! A few years later came the fluorescent lamp. This one brought just a little more light with less energy. Today, however, there is one lighting source that is used more and more that is indispensable for many households and companies. We are of course talking about LED lighting.

What is an LED bulb?

LED lamps are energy-efficient lamps that use high-efficiency technology, do not contain any toxic substances and can produce just as much light as conventional lamps. LED lamps are seen as the new generation of lamps. There is a great increasing demand for energy and lighting, LED lighting is a wonderful solution for this. LED lighting brings us many advantages, now and in the future.

LED lamps last a long time

A big advantage of the LED lamp is that they last 35,000+ burning hours. This means that an LED lamp lasts 30 times longer than an incandescent lamp, 25 times longer than the halogen lamp and 10 times longer than the fluorescent lamp. This saves you large amounts on energy costs.

LED lighting is incredibly efficient

We mentioned it briefly in our explanation, but LED lighting is incredibly efficient. You save on energy consumption at least 70% and often more compared to traditional lighting. The energy you save is immediately converted into saving money. This is especially useful in commercial situations where large numbers of lamps are used.

LED lighting is better for the environment

LED lighting has a green character. LED lighting has been proven to be better for the environment. In addition, LED lighting has other green elements in it. LED lamps produce little to no heat, they hardly contribute to the heating of the room and as a result, the air conditioning can, for example, be a little softer. In addition, LED lamps do not contain any toxic substances. This is beneficial for the environment as well as for the user of the lighting. This saves a lot of harmful radiation such as UV and infrared. LED lamps are currently the most environmentally friendly lamps you can get.

Investing in a better future

With LED you invest in a better future, for yourself and the environment. As we just mentioned, they are the most environmentally friendly lamps available and you save an unprecedented amount of energy and therefore also energy costs. However, many do not see the benefits because switching to LED can sometimes be a large investment, but you will earn it all back. Within a year you will begin to clearly see the unprecedented advantages of LED lighting. Once you’ve switched to LED, you’ll never want to go back. With LED lighting you can do so much, time for you to discover it too!

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