The Organic Factor: The Best Organic-Cotton Bedding for the Best Night’s Sleep

The Organic Factor: The Best Organic-Cotton Bedding for the Best Night’s Sleep

According to the American Sleep Apnea Association, 70 percent of adults experience sleep disturbances once a month, with 11 percent enduring insufficient sleep every night. While sleep problems can have numerous causes, individuals sometimes neglect to take the quality of their bedding into consideration. Choosing the wrong sheets can result in an array of issues, including skin sensitivities, over-heating, and discomfort that makes sound sleeping difficult. That’s where The Organic Factor comes in.

Growing up in the textile industry, Mahaveer has always been passionate about helping customers have a restful sound sleep. He launched his company The Green Life LLC with a mission of providing shoppers with the kind of high-quality bedding not available from other suppliers. At once ultra-soft and extraordinarily stylish, all The Organic Factor sheets are made with 100 percent organic cotton. That means they’ll remain soft through the years without tearing or pilling. Ideal for those with sensitive skin and warm sleepers, these sheets truly are a must-have.

The Benefit of Organic Cotton Sheets

Transparency and truth lay at the foundation of everything The Organic Factor has to offer. When you shop The Organic Factor Organic sheets and duvet covers, you can rest assured knowing every product is made with 100 percent pure Organic cotton that is GOTS Approved. While other bedding brands mislead customers by using lower-quality cotton or fabric blends, all The Organic Factor sheets are certified by Global Organic Textile Standard, so you never have to worry about what your bedding is made of.

Additionally, The Organic Factor is always authentic when it comes to thread count.

The fact is that it’s impossible to fit more than 600 threads in a square inch of fabric. To make their products seem more luxurious, less-ethical bedding companies often inflate their thread counts by using multiple strands of lower-end cotton spun together. Spinning shorter cotton fibers leads to yarn with more breaks. Ultimately, the fabric is rougher to the touch and more prone to pilling and fraying. On the other hand, The Organic Factor consistently manufactures its bedding with an extra-long staple, single-ply cotton for an end product that’s both durable and buttery soft. It’s no surprise that TOF is the “Best Organic Cotton Sheets on the Market.”

Exceptional Comfort and Breathability

If you tend to toss and turn at night, the quality of your sheets may be to blame. Not only can rough sheets irritate your skin, but they may prevent you from sleeping through the night. Rather than continue to suffer in silence, consider swapping out your current sheets for the ones “Softest Organic Cotton Sheets Ever.”

Below are The Organic Factor’s best-selling products in sheets and duvet covers:

The Hotel Collection – Organic Sheet

Synergizing comfort and elegance in a single package, the TOF Sheet Set is crafted with hand-picked Organic cotton fibers spun into a luxurious sateen weave that’s warm in winter and cool in summer. As a bonus, this luxe set features double-hem stitched sheets that boast simple sophistication. Choose from an array of on-trend colors, including White, Silver Gray, and Charcoal Gray.

The Hotel Collection – Organic Duvets

Made from extra-long, hand-picked Organic cotton fibers, the TOF Duvet Cover is the perfect complement to the sheet collection by the same name. Just as soft and lustrous as the sheets. It’s available in sizes Twin, Queen, and King.

Style and Comfort in One Package

The Organic Factor is committed to keeping up with the trends without sacrificing product quality. To that end, the brand is constantly expanding its collections to include new colors of the same Organic cotton sheets customers have come to adore. The most preferred colors for the upcoming launch are Natural Ivory and Pure Pink which pairs beautifully with a wide range of bedding and accessories. You can purchase Midnight sheets from the TOF Hotel Collection in the near future. Additionally, we also plan to launch the baby bedding set for cribs and cradles.

Luxury Without Breaking the Bank

It’s no secret that Organic cotton sheets cost more than lower-quality cotton or blends. However, The Organic Factor was founded with the goal of making luxury bedding affordable to the average family. Not only will our Organic cotton sheets help you sleep better, but they’ll also last longer than the competition, meaning you don’t have to replace them as frequently. 

For a more restful and luxurious night’s sleep, give The Organic Factor a try.