How old is al from home improvement

How old is al from home improvement?

This article will take a look at how old Al, the homeowner from Home Improvement was in relation to the date of when his show aired, and if age makes a difference when it comes to being featured on a sitcom. 

According to, Al was 47 years old when the show aired in 1998. Assuming he was born in the early 1960s, he would have been just 12 years old when the show first aired. Therefore, it is fair to say that age does not play a significant role in whether or not a person is featured on a sitcom.

What was the First Day of School Like?

Al from the Home Improvement show first started on September 22, 1989. 

Schools in most U.S. states started on Monday, September 3, 1980.

What did Al Get Detention For?

Al from Home Improvement was recently detained for violating a work policy. This is what happened.

Al was working on a job site when he was caught using the phone while working. He was given a written warning, but violated the policy again and was detained.

This isn’t the first time Al has been in trouble with the law. In 2007, he was arrested for DUI. He has since made some changes in his life, including getting married and having kids, but this latest incident shows that he still has work to do. 

Al may have been detained for violating a work policy, but he’ll likely face harsher punishment if he’s convicted of a crime. If Al is found guilty of DUI, for example, he could face jail time and a fine.

Why is Al Home Improvement So out of Tune?

It seems like Al from Home Improvement is out of tune with the times. He still uses tools from the ’90s and his carpentry skills could use some work.

Al has been on the show for over 20 years, but in that time his skills have not kept up with the times. He uses outdated tools and techniques that are no longer applicable in today’s world. For example, he still uses a saw all to cut wood, even though a power saw is now a standard tool in most carpentry shops. His carpentry skills are also lacking, as he often makes mistakes that could cost homeowners money.

It’s clear that Al needs to update his skills if he wants to keep appearing on TV. Perhaps he can take some classes at a local school or sign up for a workshop? Either way, it’s time for Al to catch up with the rest of the world and learn some new tricks.

What’s next for Al?

If you’re one of the many “Al from Home Improvement” fans out there, you likely have tons of questions about where he’s going and what he’s up to. Well, Al might have given you a few clues in the last episode of the show, but what about all those other things we learned about him over the years?

In honor of Al’s upcoming 65th birthday (which happens to be tomorrow!), we thought we’d take a look back at some of our favorite Al moments. From his love for Tool Time to his hilarious feuds with Bob Vila, these are the stories that made us love him most. And even if you’ve never seen an episode of “Al from Home Improvement,” these stories should still make you laugh. So Happy Birthday, Al! Here’s to another 65 amazing years!


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In conclusion, al from Home Improvement is approximately 39 years old. 

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