Five things to Make Your Home Workplace Great

Five things to Make Your Home Workplace Great

Almost all of us now have a home office. Or at least, the people who work in the office and are obliged to work from home. That’s why I thought it would be fun to write an article about how to make your home workplace great. Of course you don’t have to sit in a boring bedroom where there is no atmosphere, because then you have seen it quickly and the day seems to last an eternity. I do have a place where I can work from home and that is why I give you tips that I also apply from my own experience. I must say that I live alone and do not suffer from family members. Although, my 3 cats are of course my children and can also make noise 😉

Making Your Home Great, I Share this Experiance with you

Take Care of Fun and Cleanliness

First of all, I think it is important that you ensure coziness and also neatness at your home workplace. It is best to just put this away and put all other things that you don’t need somewhere else where they are out of sight as much as possible. That way it is already a lot better than a place where everything is. You can neatly store loose papers, invoices, for example, in a binder and put them away neatly. You can also purchase a nice diploma folder to order your certificates and diplomas in a safe place. You can also order standard ring binders and folders here in smaller editions. Useful!

Make Sure You’re Comfortable

Sitting comfortably and comfortably is not only something that the ARBO advises, but it is also nice if you sit in the same place all day long. With breaks in between, of course. Your back will thank you later and if you have a job where you talk to customers (like me for example) it is also good to sit up straight and have an open attitude. Believe it or not, customers hear it over the phone. If you sit there like a salt bag, they hear that too. Crazy but true.


I like to have music on in the background. Not loud, just in a tone that I can just hear, so the customers I’m on the phone don’t hear. I think that’s best than complete silence. It makes me a little nervous to be honest. And I especially like alternating with different channels. 


I also think it’s important to take with me what makes me happy when I work from home. I love scented candles and wax melts, as long as they bring a nice scent into the house, great! So I have that on the dining room table where I sit behind my laptop. There are fragrance sticks there and further up in my living room I have a wax melt or a nice scented candle on. That always gives me a really good vibe.


It is very tempting to plop down behind your laptop in your jogging suit and your fresh out of bed look, but in general it doesn’t make you feel any better. You really become more productive if you take a nice shower in the morning, get dressed and put on a nice perfume. Basically just do the routine you normally do when you go to the office.

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