why diets don't work netflix

The reasons: why diets don’t work Netflix

There is a very interesting documentary on Netflix: The reasons why diets fail (part of the documentary series: why diets don’t work netflix).

People are getting heavier. This is partly because they no longer have to work for their food (on the land). Much more food is being made and the food industry is eager to sell all of that. The portions have gotten bigger. The ease with which food is available is enormous. In addition, many product claims are misleading. Products are presented as healthy (eg 50% less fat), while they are full of calories.

They also looked at different diets. Reducing (eliminating) carbohydrates was compared in a large study with a diet aimed at reducing fats in food. The results were almost the same. Some had lost weight, others hadn’t or even gained weight. Many participants were also more aware and started to eat healthier.

In another study discussed, they followed participants on The Biggest Loser, a popular TV show in America. The researchers concluded that in the participants, who lost weight very quickly, the metabolism had decreased enormously. In addition, they were actually hungrier (they were less likely to get the full signal in their brains). After 6 years, the participants had regained an average of 2/3 of their weight.

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why fad diets don’t work: Permanent weight loss only works if it doesn’t feel like a diet:
There is no magical eating solution for everyone, choose what suits you. In-the-end it’s about persevering, about doing.

The broadcast was very recognizable to me. A confirmation:

• put products on the prohibited list
• all lose weight fast
• everything or nothing behavior
• are all things that feel like diet.
• And that makes them unsustainable.

In the end, losing weight is about:

• persevering in difficult moments,
• recharge yourself again and again to take action,
• train yourself to make smart choices,
• develop new slim habits,
• allow emotions instead of eating away and
• learning from setbacks again and again
• and eat what you want; not on a diet

Successful weight loss is therefore mainly about psychology

• Not about the HOW (what you eat)
• But much more about the WHAT -> what do you want to achieve, what moves you,
• The WHO -> who do you want to be, who is that slim version of yourself?
• And for the WHY -> why do you want that, why is that so important to you
• That combined with high energy and the right mindset

if diets don’t work how do I lose weight? is another question that may come into your mind but relax we will upload another post on this topic.

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