Psoriasis Treatment Ayurveda

What to do when you have a new psoriasis flare?

Psoriasis is a common but chronic skin disorder in which the infected person observes itchy, red, and scaly patches on different body parts and most probably on the scalp, elbows, knees, and trunk. It is said to be a long-term disorder with no potential cure. It is seen that this psoriasis disorder goes through a cycle depending on the affected person. Sometimes it flares up for a few days or weeks or then subside for some time or may minimize significantly. This disease has no cure in medical science, but treatments can aid in managing its symptoms. Best ayurvedic treatment for Psoriasis in India is available for the cure

Managing sudden new psoriasis flares:

It is very common to develop a psoriasis flare when you suffer from psoriasis disease because it is the nature of this skin or immune disorder. But you can manage these flares with the following tips and tricks.

·   Do not panic and stress yourself if you have psoriasis disease because stress can result in potential psoriasis flare. If you are already going through a flare, ensure that it doesn’t get worse. Relax for a moment, meditate or do yoga.

·   Always be prepared and have a management plan for flare in advance. Discuss with your doctor about treating and taking care of psoriasis flares or when the symptoms trigger.

·   Take a shower with warm water to relax the flares in psoriasis. And if you have pain from this flare, try a clod water shower for around ten minutes to soothe your skin.

·   Never miss moisturizing your skin with a gentle and fragrance-free moisturizer. Use a refrigerated lotion or cream when the flare feels inflamed and painful.

·   Regularly take prescribed medicines and go out in some sunlight.

Best Ayurvedic treatment for psoriasis in India:

·   Having medicated ghee.

·   Consuming Herbal medicines or herbal concoctions.

·   Taking Basthies are medical and herbal laxatives for 8days.

·   Avoiding meat and only consuming vegetarian dishes. Do not yogurt, black gram, salty food products, and chillies.

·   Psoriasis can be cured with a mud bath.

·   Use turmeric and Neem daily to treat psoriasis.

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