Losing weight without a diet: these are the 11 commandments for success

Losing weight without a diet: these are the 11 commandments for success!

Are you tired of dieting too? And have you already tried a lot: from shakes to slimming pills to low-carbohydrate food, without lasting results? Then you have something to offer these 11 for responsible weight loss without a diet. Develop a slim mindset that keeps the pounds off!

Because you already know that dieting is useless. After all, no one lasts a lifetime of suffering and being strict.  You’re looking for something new, something that works, without having to give up all the tasty things you love. You still want to be able to enjoy a piece of chocolate and a glass of wine with dinner. And yes: that is also possible if you lose weight!

Find out how to do that with these 11 commandments for losing weight without dieting:

1. You can eat anything, without a banned substance list or diet:

Slim people just eat chocolate and also drink wine…. Many people who want to lose weight go on a diet and only think in terms of right and wrong: ‘I feel like it, but I’m not allowed to, I have to be strict’. This means less food and suffering: which costs you negative energy. Disastrous for weight loss and behavioral change!

Because: you want exactly everything you can’t do! You experience struggle and frustration. Sin! Turn it around: you can have everything; you don’t always want it. You decide what you eat. You focus on what you eat and enjoy it. You choose consciously. Yes, also for wine and chocolate if you wish. You stop dieting and start losing weight positively. Patricia (-16 kilos) proves that you can lose weight permanently with chocolate. You can read her story here.

2. You enjoy the best

You often eat quite unconsciously. Our Habit: Because it is there, it smells good or looks good, or because you have an uncontrollable appetite for ‘something tasty’. Most of the time, you don’t even enjoy what you put in your mouth. And…, especially if they are ‘bad’ things, you also get a portion of guilt.

If you lose weight without dieting, you will continue to enjoy good food. This is a handy tool: rate your bites. You only eat eights, nines, and tens. Does your bite fall below 8? Waste of calories. You no longer choose all the goodies, but the most delicious (and lose weight)

3. You are willing to have a hard time every now and then

Slim people are much more likely to say ‘no’ to overeating. Pay close attention to them (and don’t just watch if they do eat something). That doesn’t come naturally to them either. Sometimes you just feel like ‘more’. Then you suffer from your short-term need for filling. But yes, giving in to that will come at your expense long-term goal to be relaxed and slim. At such a moment anyway say no so it just fits.

The problem is that many people are not willing to have a hard time with food (life is already so hard). And so they arrive.

A handy rule of thumb: say no to something you do feel like at least once a day, then you will keep your weight. If you want to lose weight, you need to say no more often (at least 3x). And yes, then you have a hard time, but…. your appetite ebbs away again, you keep your slim body!

More good news: the more often you say no, the easier it gets. You get used to making choices. “Lose weight = choose. Between eating NOW or later being who you want to be”

4. No = no

If you then say no to another cookie, but you still argue with yourself, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep up with your ‘no’. You have to deal with all kinds of ineffective voices in your head: “ah, one is possible, or half, this cookie is very tasty, she also takes and she is slim, tomorrow is another day”.

The voices in your head feel space as soon as you listen to them. And they take that space. Just as long as you give in (compare it with raising children. If children notice that you are in doubt, they will nag you). With a lean mindset, no is just no. New! I don’t want a cookie. I’m allowed to, I choose not to take anything now. No discussion.

5. Food as fuel for your body

Your body needs energy in the form of food and drink (kcal). Your body uses that energy to perform its functions. If you eat exactly as much energy as your body uses, you will maintain your weight. If you eat and drink more, you will gain weight. If you take in less energy, your body will use its fat reserves, which means you will lose weight. The older you get, the less energy you need. If you always eat the same amount, you will eventually gain weight (or you have to exercise more and more). That is why eating less is a skill that is important for everyone who wants to age healthy and fit.

The point is: your body just doesn’t need that much. In our society of plenty, there is far too much food and drink on offer. That means making conscious choices. You don’t have to be frustrated about that: that’s the reality. And you can’t change reality.

6. Don’t think (and know), but DO

The most you hear from people who want to lose weight and who don’t succeed is this: I know, I just have to do it. Whether or not to eat is mainly done in the head. People who recognize this get stuck in doubting, analyzing, and reading. They wave away their sensible thoughts and are often very good at talking about it: they know best, but….

Slim people don’t think much about food – they do! They choose, say no more often, and continue with the slim order of the day. Just imagine how much time and energy you gain just saying no…..without hesitation or struggle. Take action! Because: without action, there is no result.

7. Choose a real solution

If hunger isn’t your problem, food is never the answer. Do you have an urge to eat? Draw a line under your head and ask yourself: where is the pull? In your head or in your stomach? You satisfy stomach hunger with food. Choose wisely and enjoy it. You don’t satisfy your hunger with food. Head hunger comes from somewhere else. At such a moment there is something going on in your life that you would rather not acknowledge or resolve. That could be ‘just’ tiredness, boredom, anger, frustration, sadness, etc.

Sometimes the real solution is simple: Tired? Go to bed. Bored? Find distraction. Sometimes the real solution is difficult to remedy, for example in loneliness, unrest, or sadness. Then the following applies: dive into your emotions, accept and acknowledge what is going on, tolerate more than you think, breathe in and out. The moment you allow what is really going on, you don’t have to eat anything away anymore. Choose the behavior that suits who you want to be (and that’s not overeating).

8. Get up after a setback (and keep it small)

Successful people have one thing in common: they get up after a setback. Slim people get up after eating too much at once. People who want to lose weight are often very frightened by overeating, they are bummed when they let themselves go and they make it very big in their head: you see, I can’t do it, I never succeed, I love food too much, I do not have discipline, etc. It is no longer a question of whether or not to eat another licorice, but of failure, failure, being weak.

When it has become so big, it is really difficult to quickly pick up the thread again. So keep a setback small, stick to the facts. It’s done, the bag of licorice is gone. What does that mean for you now: what small step towards your goal can you take now?

“You don’t get slim from one healthy meal, and you don’t get fat from one night of sniffing”

9. Experimenting & learning is fun (and educational)

Especially people who have to lose a lot of weight are reluctant to start: all those kilos… how that can ever be done.

With a lean mindset, you see developing a lean lifestyle as an experiment. You try, discover patterns, make mistakes, learn and do things differently: you change! You will be most effective in the long term if you keep taking small steps towards that healthy and lean lifestyle. First, start with losing three kilos, then you move on.

Also, experiment with healthy and different food. You take control more easily if you pay attention to what you eat. Try new recipes, test new foods. It is fun and educational to discover new things in yourself and in your diet.

10. Planning is effective

Thinking about what your day and week look like in terms of food and activities is very helpful. Good preparation is half the job. For example, make your own eating schedule for the next day, make sure you can heat up food for long or irregular working days (or keep food in the freezer), and rather not do the shopping in the evening itself. This way you avoid having to choose fast food or order. Do you go out? Check the menu in advance and decide what you want to eat. This way you are less likely to be tempted on the evening itself. Be smart, avoid too many temptations.

‘Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it, now’

11. Get moving

Research shows that lean people are more active. That doesn’t just mean they’re exercising more, they’re moving more across the board. You can lose weight just fine without exercising, but exercise is a good addition if you want to lose weight without dieting. It also helps you maintain your weight better once you reach your goal weight.

So: get active! Find a sport you like, experiment! You immediately feel better about yourself after exercising. You gain muscle, burn more, get tighter and it’s easier to say no to overeating. Exercise makes you more powerful on all fronts.

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