What Is Loungefly, And Why Is It Important?

The Boxlunch Loungefly tiny backpacks are my favorite Disney memento. How do Boxlunch Loungefly bags work? You’ll be able to carry everything you need for a whole day at the park with this bag. The fact that Boxlunch Loungefly bags are sought after by collectors adds to their appeal.

Boxlunch Loungefly micro backpacks are a popular topic for collectors new to the hobby, and I want to address some of the most often asked questions about them in this guide.

What Is “Lounge”?

Funko owns the Boxlunch Loungefly brand, which produces a wide range of merchandise inspired by popular culture. Totes and crossbody bags, Minnie ears and ears for Minnie, cosmetic bags and scrunchies, sleep masks, and full-size backpacks are among the many items available.

Mini backpacks are the most popular souvenirs in the parks, therefore I’ll focus on that in this guide.

Disney (including Marvel and Star Wars), Pokemon, Ghostbusters, Peanuts, Hello Kitty, Studio Ghibli, Nickelodeon, Harry Potter, Elf, Pusheen, and many more popular properties may be found here!

Who Collects Loungefly Products?

There is a limited run for each Boxlunch Loungefly product, which means that the design will be phased out over time. It’s a way for them to keep up with the latest trends in fashion.

In addition, Boxlunch Loungefly makes various tiny backpacks exclusively for a particular merchant. Boxlunch Loungefly bags, for example, may only be bought in person at the parks (or online at ShopDisney.com).

Definitions That Aren’t Very Specific.

You’ll encounter a slew of acronyms and meanings as you go further into the Boxlunch Loungefly collecting community. The following are some of the most frequently used expressions.

When a design is printed all over the bag, it is referred to as AOP, which stands for all-over print. When it comes to the positioning of the backpack’s front pocket or even the plaque above the pocket, it’s all about what portion of the design you have.

Depending on the characters or elements of the design you love, everyone may have a different idea of where they want to put them.

Bags with a certain location may be valued more if the Boxlunch Loungefly community as a whole agrees on what constitutes a good placement.

The design of a product may also play a role in its location. Some designs contain a lower number of characters that are closer together, therefore the chances of putting them all on the front pocket are greater.

With a few characters spread out across a large area, the chances of receiving a complete character on your front pocket are greatly reduced (bad placement).

If you buy an AOP bag online, you can’t be sure you’ll receive the location you want, so go to the Boxlunch Store if you can.

They have their own luggage for guests of the Disney resort in Hawaii, Aulani. Since they are only available at the resort, they are scarcer. These bags may be purchased from

Komonofinds, A Hawaii Personal Shopper!

Funko-style character design is called “chibi.” They are characterized by their cartoonishly large heads and little bodies.

Character-inspired cosplay bags are defined by their unique design and depiction of the character’s face or costume.

You’re “Holy Grail” or a bag that is sought for by the community at large are both examples of a Grail.

What Does The Abbreviation “HTF” Mean?

Mickey Mouse’s Main Attraction is known as MMMA. For the previous several years, Disney has been releasing themed goods each month, and in 2020, the theme was MMMA, which featured a new ride each month.

Pins, ears, plushies, mugs, and a Boxlunch Loungefly bag were all available to match the month’s featured attraction. It’s “Stitch Crashes Disney” this year in 2021, and there aren’t any Boxlunch Loungefly bags.

Only a small number of these bags were produced, and they were only sold during the designated months, making them more valuable.

In What Retailers Do You Find Loungefly Items?

Disney parks, Hot Topic and Boxlunch Coupons are just a few of the shops that carry Boxlunch Loungefly items (and online). Boxlunch Loungefly’s monthly catalogs, which include micro backpacks and wallets, may be purchased from a variety of local Boxlunch Store. Download this useful guide sheet here with a complete list of Boxlunch Store, since there are a lot of smaller ones.

Here are a few of my favorite little stores (and I’ll explain why):

It’s simple to purchase at Under the Sea Collectibles because of their user-friendly website and the business owner’s active participation in Boxlunch Loungefly collector Facebook groups.

For an additional 5 percent discount at Spell Boutique, use the code PMAGIC. The business owner is kind and a strong advocate for women’s empowerment. Moreover, the attention that goes into the packaging of their products is top-notch as well.

707 Street has a nice assortment of goods that many other shops have ceased offering, as well as some excellent unique bags. Use the code PMAGIC to get 10% off. And again, the proprietor of the Boxlunch Store is a true gentleman!

They offer one of the greatest referral systems with cashback on every transaction in the form of Boxlunch Store credit at Cordy’s Corner. They also offer some fantastic Star Wars and Avatar exclusives, and the Boxlunch Store owner is once again extremely kind and active in the Facebook groups.

To get 10% off your first purchase, enter PMAGICREF in the coupon code field when checking out.

As a fan of environmental topics, Blue Culture Tees was one of my favorite businesses when I initially began collecting T-shirts.

What Type Of Materials Are Loungefly Bag Composites?

Vegan fake leather is used in the majority of these products. Materials for Boxlunch Loungefly bags vary widely because of the variety in design.

Furry bags, canvas bags, sequins, felt, and plastic bags are just a few examples.

Adolescents May Use Loungey Backpacks?

Yes, without a doubt! Even for youngsters, Boxlunch Loungefly tiny backpacks may be a little too big. Adults are the target audience for these products.

Many individuals use them as handbags outside of the Disney and Universal theme parks.

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