Difference between the Resume, Biodata and Curriculum vitae (CV)

Every individual should know Difference between the Resume, Biodata and Curriculum vitae (CV). Assignment helper explains the definition and important uses in places.

After completing their education or sometime during their education many students search for a job. The first thing that helps you to introduce yourself to the interviewers is the Resume or CV or Biodata. It helps you to present your qualification, skills, and knowledge through a sheet of paper. This paper has the ability to change to provide you with a good opportunity. You can understand how much important it is.

Many individuals are often confused about the resume, CV, and biodata at the start of their professional careers. This blog is basically dedicated to those people. Here, we differentiate the resume, CV, biodata in terms of definitions, uses in places, and many other things.

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Difference between The Resume, Biodata And Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Curriculum Vitae(CV)

Curriculum Vitae is a Latin word that refers to the meaning ‘life course’. It can be 2 to 3 pages long or more if required. It describes the summary of your qualifications, skills of education background, degree research, awards, honors, training or work experience, and other important detail of the individual.

Commonly CV and resume both are used for the same purpose but the main difference is in their length and format. Many organizations only prefer a one-page CV.

Use of Curriculum Vitae(CV): Commonly CVs are used in the public sector when applying for health care, research, academic, teaching, administration, internship, scientific jobs, fellowships, etc.

How to Write CV successfully

When you are applying for a job as mentioned in the above category, you need to follow a proper format. The format you have selected for your CV should match the job where you are applying for. The points or information you are going to mention in the Curriculum Vitae should be written in a clear and concise way. The language should be easy and simple and appealing tone. Having any difficulties you can take assistance from resume writing services or assignment writing services


The word resume summarizes your professional expertise and qualifications. It is an overview only of your professional information and does not contain all detail about you. You can mention the skills and capabilities related to the particular job. You should include detail about qualifications, project information skills, talent, interest, training experience, and required personal detail, etc. One should mention their career objective in their resume and it should be 1 to 2 pages long.  

Use of Resume: A resume is commonly used in Private sector jobs applying for an international jobs, academic, and research-oriented jobs. An assignment helper can guide you to compose your resume in a proper format.

How to Write a Resume successfully

While writing the resume, you need to use the correct format.  The selection of the format should be based on your role in the industry, experience, etc. Mention all the related detail for this job in chronological order such as year of all qualifications, working in which companies in the past, achievements, etc. Use correct grammar and vocabulary in sentences. Do not ignore the proofreading after completing the writing.


Biodata is an earlier version of a resume or CV. Biodata is the short form of Biographical Data. It includes some personal detail of an individual like date of birth, address, citizenship, gender, marital status, hobbies, strength, achievements, etc. It also includes the qualifications, work status, skills, etc. 

Use of Biodata: Today major purpose of writing a biodata is marriage in India. It should only of one page.  

How to Write Biodata

Biodata is also written in a simple format and language. Don’t make it too long, only mention the necessary information.


Therefore, you can understand the difference between the Curriculum Vitae (CV), Resume, and Biodata. According to the job or objective, you can use a particular format for writing these. Having any confusion in writing you can take assistance from an Online Assignment Help to compose a well-crafted paper.  

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