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10 Types of Spy App Features Needed For Social Media Monitoring

Everybody loves social media and everyone uses it in one way or another. It is indeed easy to meet friends, attend meetings, visit a place explore a spot through these social media platforms. On the other hand, it has also made it easy for bullies, stalkers, and weirdos to bully, harass and stalk others as well. It is simply to hide one’s identity as one can take the cover of the screen and become a totally different person.

In both cases relying on social media monitoring software and apps can work best. Parents can use such features to keep a check on their teenagers. Similarly, employers can take help monitor every digital move of the employee. Businessmen can also use these features in, efficient ways as every brand uses such platforms to market their brand and business.

The OgyMogy spy app offers excellent features that can be used to monitor most of the popular social media platforms. Before diving into the top ten features let me tell you some of the basic conditions that must be kept in mind before using the app. 

  • It is legal to use the app if you are a parent or employer. In any other case, the user must have written consent from the involved parties. 
  • Spy apps are offered for keeping an eye on the mac, windows, and Android devices. You can check the target through their cellphone, laptop, tablet, and more.  
  • Once installed everything can be controlled remotely. 

Types of Spy App Features Needed For Social Media Monitoring

Here are ten types of social media monitoring features offered by the spy app.

1. Facebook Spy App:

Facebook can be considered the father of all digital platforms. Today it is used as entertainment as well as a business platform. These days some features connect Facebook with other platforms as well.

OgyMogy offers a Facebook spy app to keep a thorough check on all Facebook activities. Users can know about the posts, stories, and comments. Followers, following, and other newsfeed activities. One can also get into the Facebook messenger app as well with the help of the Facebook spy app. 

2. Snapchat spy app:

Snapchat is famous for disappearing content and privacy features. All content that includes text messages, audio or video message, or the image disappears from the chat without leaving any mark.

This makes Snapchat one of the most popular platforms among the young generation. OgyMogy spy app offers a Snapchat spy app. Don t worry about the disappeared content as the app saves everything with time and date information. 

3. Instagram Spy App:

The Instagram spy app gives remote access to the Instagram activities of the target. Now the target can be teenagers or an employee. One can keep a thorough check on all the business account activities. No need to call meetings to check how well or bad a certain product is doing as everything can be monitored through the spy app. 

4.WhatsApp Spy App:

Facebook has added a button that connects it to WhatsApp. That shows the popularity of this app. WhatsApp spy app lets the user read personally as well as group messages. You can know about the incoming and outgoing call records, shared media, and more. 

5. Telegram Spy App:

Telegram spy app gives insights about telegram activities. You can check the public channel activities as well as disappearing content. 

6. Tinder Spy App:

To keep a check on the dating life and choices of the target, the tinder spy app is offered by the OgyMogy app. The app even has the power to block the target employee’s internet in case of any emergency. 

7. YouTube Screen Monitoring:

YouTube screen monitoring allows the user to know about the target video streaming activities. 

8. Kik Spy App:

Kik spy app gives not only access to text messages and media sharing but one can know about the bot addiction of the target as well.

9. Viber Spy App:

Viber makes it easy for users to remotely know the Viber activities of the target. 

10. Line Spy app:

The variety of instant messenger means more options to use as personal options. Line spy app is offered by the OgyMogy spy app. 

Spyware is different from malware. So physical access is mandatory to install the app on the target device

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