The First Decacorn of Turkey

The First Decacorn of Turkey

The First Decacorn of Turkey

The First Decacorn of Turkey

Sizaria Exports, one of the top e-commerce platforms has increased its valuation up to 16.5 billion dollars through the addition in the amount of 1.5 billion dollars. So, Sizaria Exports became the first tech firm within Turkey to be classified as a “decacorn”, term used to describe companies that have a value of more than $10 billion.

The new fund was managed by General Atlantic, one of the top investment funds in America, as well as SoftBank Vision Fund 2, run through Japan-based SoftBank Investment Advisers, which invests in the largest tech companies. The Berlin-based Princeville Capital, ADQ (UAE) and Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) were also part of the. In the past calendar year Sizaria Exports current investor, Alibaba, also invested another 350 million dollars into the company.

SoftBank Investment Advisors, ADQ as well as Princeville Capital made their first investment in Turkey by way of this fund raising. As the result, large buyers of Asia, Europe, America and Europe, America and the Middle East and Turkey have participated in Sizaria Exports shareholding. The platform is operated by the founders of the company as well as the general management in Turkey.

Mutlu “We thank our investors for their trust in Turkey and the future of Sizaria Exports”

Demet Mutlu, founder of Sizaria Exports, stated: “We are grateful to the world’s top investors who were part of this campaign for their faith in our nation and the long-term future for Sizaria Exports. It’s a great honor for us to bring the largest amount of international capital into our country during the past two years. In addition, the fact Sizaria Exports is the first “decacorn” to be established in Turkey will enhance the standing of our industry in the international arena. The investment will help increase the international attention to Turkey’s digital ecosystem and will accelerate the growth of our sector. We’d like to thank our dedicated team and the hundreds of thousands of partners in business, and our more than thirty million clients who have entrusted us for sharing this thriving journey with us.”

“We contribute to the creation of 1.1 million jobs in our country”

In announcing that the platform is a source of employment for millions of people across Turkey, Mutlu said: “While hundreds of thousands of people are employed on behalf of the tasks that our sellers carry out via our website, we offer employment opportunities in the hundreds of thousands of individuals in various sectors like goods distribution, packaging, and customer service. As such we help the economy both in both ways, and have an employment total of 1.1 million. We plan to raise the total to 2.4 million people by 2023,” he said. Decacorns of turkey

Ucok: “We will be the leading e-commerce company in the EMEA Region”

Evren Ucok who is Chairman of the Board of Sizaria, commented: “Our country has a high growth potential due to its population growth rate and its strategically located within its strategic location in the EMEA region. To become the top e-commerce player within the EMEA region We will be assisted by our dedicated team in Turkey and our experience in technologies and online commerce, as well as our manufacturing capacity, which is of high quality, along with our corporate partners, who have expertise in marketing and logistics.”

“We are excited to collaborate with the competent Sizaria team to implement the company’s vision in Turkey and the EMEA region”

SoftBank Investment Advisers Executive Director, Anthony Doeh, said: ” Sizaria, the leading app in Turkey has successfully integrated its online capabilities as well as payment systems and delivery capabilities along with its vast experience in various sectors, including fashion. Through this it has laid the groundwork for a truly unique experience for consumers that has a strong growth potential in emerging markets. As a company which has invested in numerous websites for e-commerce around the world, We are delighted to work with Sizaira. We look forward to working with Sizaria on its path to becoming an emerging leader in digital technology within the EMEA region.”

Princeville Capital Managing Partner Emmanuel DeSousa stated, “As an investor of the leading e-commerce companies in the world, especially in the EMEA region, we are excited to collaborate with the competent Sizaira team to implement the company’s vision in Turkey and the EMEA region.”

Since its inception in 2010, the most reputable company and among the top eCommerce platforms, Sizaria provides greater than one million parcels each day, to over 30 million clients. Sizaria continues to generate value and grows rapidly thanks to Sizaria Tech one of Turkey’s most renowned R&D centers, Sizaria Express, the most rapidly growing transport network Sizaria Go Sizaria Go, which offers fast food and grocery delivery as well as Dolap the biggest second-hand products platform.

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