Maintain the engine of your car

Sustainable maintenance tips: Maintain the engine of your car yourself!

Car maintenance is important. It is by maintaining it that it can run for longer without any problems. This is for your own safety. To avoid traffic accidents. Let’s say you don’t have your car’s brakes checked or have never had them checked and they suddenly stop working while driving. Maintaining your car is to prevent accidents and to drive safely and with peace of mind in traffic. Not because you take into account that there will be no accidents, but because the safety of drivers in traffic starts with yourself. They always say change the world, start with yourself.

1. Assumption

So how you as a person get dust on your body, how your house also gets dusty when not cleaned. This also makes your car dirty. From the inside and the outside. Especially if you let it sit. The more dust it gets and the harder it gets. But what if I drive the vehicle every day? All the more to maintain your car. The undercarriage of your car is then in motion every day, so to speak, and will have to be repaired or exchanged, or checked from time to time.

Although there are many who know that a car needs to be maintained, there are still many who do not know this. And others who also think that thorough maintenance is necessary every time. The maintenance of your car depends on how often it is driven. You can have the car serviced based on the number of kilometers it has traveled. That’s the most ideal. Nothing done too much is good. Neither does the maintenance of your car. There must be balance. A thorough level of service to your car is more than enough.

2. Good mechanic

You do not always need a mechanic to service or maintain your car. When it comes to something technical that needs repair and you don’t know about it. Then it can be said that you would rather go to a mechanic who can have the problem checked for you. But you don’t need a mechanic for everything that has to do with the maintenance of your car. Even for you as an inexperienced person.

There are many things that you as a person can do to contribute to the maintenance of the undercarriage of your car. They are small jobs, but by doing these small jobs yourself you can free up money for the big jobs that can be done by an experienced mechanic.

3. Daily check and inspection

One way to maintain your car yourself is through daily checks and inspections. Check your oil level. If it turns out to be too low, it needs to be topped up. Check your tires before hitting the road. Check if they are in good condition and that they are not worn out. If it turns out that they are worn out or have a hole in them, it’s time to change them.

Those who are handy can do it themselves and those who are not so handy can ask someone else to do it for them or if no one is there then a mechanic. Things like brake fluid, coolant, and power steering fluid you can also check yourself. Things that need to be refilled often. It’s for smoothing your brakes, and steering, and controlling the heat of your car. Also, check if the battery is OK. Check for wear and dust that could settle on top of the liquid. If so, it’s time to clean it up. Test your brakes and headlights.

4. Change tires

For those who are handy and know the belts of a car, there is much more that can be done. Consider changing the tires. In most cases, you have many more of them who do know how to do this. It is one of the basic maintenance jobs that many know to do. What can also be done is to change the engine oil every 5,000 km driven, and replace the windshield wipers, air filters, and spark plugs.

These are just ways in which you can contribute to the maintenance of your car yourself. Don’t wait for the money to arrive. See what you can do yourself and start there.

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