tips for renting a car abroad

Five tips for renting a car abroad

You have finally booked a holiday. Reserve a car now. Of course, you do that online. One more insurance and it all seems settled. But once you arrive at the rental desk, it turns out that you still have to pay a lot for the navigation system… Do you want to avoid unpleasant surprises when you rent a car across the border? Then read these 5 tips.

1. Orient before departure

Before you leave, check online which rental companies have good reviews and make sure you know what your rights are. So take the time to read the lease. This way you are aware of any extras such as child seats or navigation costs. Also, check the amount of the deductible in advance. This is the maximum amount you pay in the event of theft and/or damage. It often happens that you only hear the amount of your deductible when you come to pick up your car. You prevent this by buying off or lowering the deductible in advance.

2. Get good insurance

Any damage to a rental car abroad is not covered by our car insurance. Theft of luggage from the car can be reimbursed up to a certain amount with our travel insurance. Therefore, always check with the rental company whether the rental includes insurance and what the coverage is. If something happens, you obviously don’t want to pay for the costs.

3. Rent a car from Europe

The advantages of this are that the rental contract and the policy conditions of the insurance are in English. So handy to read. Arrange immediately that any navigation and child seats are already reserved for you. Do you rent the car on-site? In that case, keep in mind that other names often apply to the cover abroad.

4. Take care of navigation yourself

Renting a navigation system abroad is often very expensive. For the same money, you can also buy a simple TomTom yourself. Of course, you can also just use your own smartphone. Many navigation apps allow you to download maps and use them offline.

5. Take pictures

Before you take the rental car with you, first check whether the car has any damage. Is that the case? Then take photos of the damage and make sure it is noted on the rental contract. So that afterward an amount is not collected for damage that you have not incurred. 

Take advantage of it, the money you can save can be put into your holiday budget.

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