A Few Awesome: Tips for writing a good comedy film?

A Few Awesome: Tips for writing a good comedy film?

Have you ever thought about writing a script for a comedy film? That is of course not a bad idea at all. In the Netherlands, the quality of films is often poor. So if you write a good script, chances are it will be noticed. But what requirements should a good comedy script meet? Below are some tips.

Tip 1: be original

This of course sounds very cliché, but it cannot be emphasized enough. A good script should be bursting with originality. Many movies are similar in plot. Just take a closer look at the average comedy film. Often there is the same setting, but only the actors and jokes are different. This is because there is not an ounce of originality incorporated into the script. So the first thing to do is come up with an original concept. The film can then be built on that foundation. A good film should be explainable in three sentences. This is a standard that is often used. If you can’t explain a script in three lines or sentences, it often means that the script is too complex. So always try to keep this in mind when writing the script.

Tip 2: credible dialogues

Writing dialogue is often more difficult than it seems. A dialogue in a film must meet many important conditions. The most important condition is that the dialogue must be credible. People in the movie should talk to each other like people would talk to each other in real life. This is important to generate recognisability. Many scriptwriters are completely unaware of this and that is of course very annoying. A good way to check if the dialogues are believable: try them out in everyday life. For example, try out the dialogues with your friends. That way you can establish its credibility. And so this credibility is extremely important.

Tip 3: process funny moments

Every comedy film should, of course, have hilarious moments. You have to make room for that in your script. However, it is also important not to use an overkill of humor in your script. Sometimes a humorous situation also has to be built up calmly, otherwise, the audience may become saturated, and of course, you don’t want that. So always try to keep that in mind. Just because something is a comedy movie doesn’t mean every moment in the movie has to be pure comedy. There should also be some room for love or a wise moral lesson. The public also benefits from that. There may even be room for some drama! Comedy and drama are closely related.