When will my kitten become a cat?

When will my kitten become a cat?

They grow up so fast, can’t it last forever, kitten time? In no time, your kitten seems to have turned into an adult cat. But how fast does that really happen? The second half of the year is especially fast. Your kitten will really start to look like a cat. But that doesn’t mean your cat is already kitten-finished. The maturing process begins at about 6 months. 

Kitten 6 months:

Your kitten may look like a young adult now, but it’s definitely not grown yet. Basically, the basic rule is that your kitten will grow about half a pound a month, so now your kitten will weigh about three pounds. 

Your kitten should now have had all the vaccinations and it is good to decide now whether you want to have your cat or cat “helped”. Although your kitten is not yet fully grown, it can already reach sexual maturity at six months. To prevent your male kitten from spreading urine for his territory or from your female kitten entering a fertile period, treatment should take place as soon as possible. 

Kitten 7 months:

Your kitten is still in the baby stage but is slowly growing into a young adult. Your kitten will now also sleep more during the day, as an adult cat does. He probably sleeps more than half the day, so make sure you have a good and comfortable bed in your kitten’s favorite spot. 

If your kitten isn’t sleeping, it will still explore and explore, but this time with a lot more confidence than in the younger stage. Also, his coordination will be a lot more developed than in recent months and he will show how social he wants to be with you. Socialization is super important when raising a kitten and your hard work will be rewarded during this time. Get ready for lots of cozy hugs.

Kitten 8 months:

If you have other pets, your cat may now start playing with them a bit more as his confidence is on the rise. Always keep an eye out, as a large dog can still (unintentionally) hurt your small kitten. 

Your kitten is now big enough to jump even higher and can knock over some heavier things. He will certainly look for your limit. Set your boundaries clearly and be super consistent in training and raising your kitten. Rewarding good behavior always works best. 

Kitten 9 months:

At 9 months, your kitten will be almost fully grown and all baby teeth will now have been exchanged, but your kitten will still enjoy sinking its teeth into things. Keep a close eye on this and make sure it doesn’t get out of hand. Of course, your kitten should never bite a person or other animal. If he starts to show aggressive behavior, stop this immediately and stop your kitten from biting completely. 

Kitten 10 months:

Until now, your kitten has eaten special kitten food. Around this time you can make the switch to adult food. Take this easy. Mix the adult food with the kitten food. After about a week, there may be more adult food in the bowl than kitten food. Keep a close eye on your kitten’s appetite and make sure he isn’t just munching on the kitten’s food.

Kitten 11 months:

Before you know it, you’ll be eleven months later. Your kitten is now almost a full-grown cat, has had all vaccinations, and is eating adult food. You are still working on his social skills and training together. You could say that your kitten is now about the age of a human teenager. 

Kitten 12 months: 

Time for a party. Your kitten is now a cat. Just like with humans, your kitten will continue to grow mentally and continue to learn. Your cat will always continue to explore, make choices, play, and continue to develop good and bad qualities. It is your honor to help him grow older and wiser. Always use a positive approach and don’t forget to enjoy the (well-intentioned) mischief.

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