Kittenproof House

Tips to Make your house kitten-proof!

Soon your little new roommate will be home! You have probably already bought a lot of fun and cute toys to play with your kitten in the coming period. You will find that your kitten is a very curious explorer. Kitten-proof your home to make the journey as safe as possible. 

No matter how small your kitten is, his climbing, jumping, and scratching skills will surprise you. As a result, your kitten can sometimes find itself in risky situations – or cause damage to your beloved vase.

Kittens are obsessed with anything that can move:

Kittens are obsessed with anything that can move. So also; cables, curtains, home accessories, tablecloths. Some things can be dangerous for your cat or very fragile. 

To climb:

One of your kitten’s favorite pastimes is climbing. And they climb in just about anything they can. Plus, they’ll slip through an open window or door if they get the chance. 


Kittens need to sharpen their claws and like to scratch them eagerly. No problem, of course, as long as it’s not your new pants or carpet, but a scratching post. 


Like babies, kittens crawl near the floor. In addition, they have the habit of putting everything they encounter in their mouths, including small pieces of waste. But also plants, for example, which in some cases can be poisonous for your cat.

In addition, kittens do not know the difference between cat food and human food. They also do not know when food can be dangerous for them. 

Step by Step Guide: Kittenproof your house 

When kitten-proofing your house, it’s best to imagine that you would do this, as you would for a toddler. Add to that, the toddler can climb, scratch, and shoot silently past you. Now, you kind of has a picture in your head of what to expect. 

First, take a good look around your house. High shelves, low cabinets and other hidden spots. Can your cat jump on top of the shelf or get stuck in the closet? 

Look for sharp objects. Like needles, glass that can break, or maybe a block of knives on the counter. Hide these things so your kitten won’t get hurt. 

Do you have a cord hanging from the curtains or blinds? Then fold it up and secure it so that your kitten cannot get caught in it. 

Keep your wardrobe and washroom closed to your kitten. Always check your washing machine and dryer before using them. Kittens love dark and warm places to sleep. 

Keep your floor neat and clean, so that there are no small dangerous items on the floor.

Always cover food well, kittens have a fantastic nose and are attracted to all kinds of treats. Be especially careful with foods that can be toxic to your kitten, such as chocolate. 

Always keep your toilet seat down so your kitten can’t drink from the pot and fall into it. Even better, make your bathroom a no-kitten zone . 

A garage is not the right place for a kitten, so always keep the door closed. Antifreeze is very attractive and tasty to animals, but also extremely toxic. 

Hide cables with suitable material. 

If you use insect repellent, make sure that it is not toxic to animals. 

If your kitten is allowed outside, check your yard for poison, mousetraps, or other dangerous materials.

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