Golden Retriever Details: Breed, Weight, Eye Colors

The Golden Retriever Details: Breed, Weight, Eye Colors

The golden retriever is very popular in many countries. It is one of the six retriever breeds we know.

The golden retriever is obedient, energetic and eager to work, which is why this breed likes to use it as a working dog such as guide dog, assistance dog and hunting dog. Originally, a Golden Retriever is actually a hunting dog that is specialized in looking for and bringing shot game to the hunter.

A Golden Retriever’s gentle bite allows them to retrieve game without harming it. The animal should not be afraid of water for this and let the Golden be a real water rat.

By nature, the Golden Retriever is a social animal, friendly and open. They prefer to be involved in everyday activities and enjoy being part of the family. The Golden Retriever is extremely child-friendly and has a great tolerance and well-balanced nature. He is also very suitable as a family dog.

With regard to children, the Golden Retriever is usually patient and good-natured, a real friend of people, but therefore not very watchful. A Golden Retriever generally barks little, but when strangers enter the property, he will definitely warn.

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