Teach your dog to lie down

How to Teach your dog to lie down?

Teach your dog to lie down. With some dogs it almost comes naturally, with other dogs it’s quite an ordeal. What has to do with it is that lying in front of a dog is a submissive position. He has much less control over his environment. A good relationship of trust with the owner is a serious advantage if you want to teach your dog the command ‘down’.

Pick a good treat that your dog likes to eat and would do a lot for. With that reward you can entice the dog to lie down. To start, you teach the dog to lie down, without attaching a command to it for the time being. Leash your dog and make sure you have a sufficient supply of treats.

Hold the treat in your fist so the dog can’t take it out of your hand. If you have the candy in your right fist, keep your hand by your left foot (just on top of it). Your dog will first try to wriggle the treat out of your hand. Be patient, your dog needs to figure out how to solve this problem. With some patience, your dog will suddenly lie down. From the second he is lying down (elbows touch the ground) you immediately give the candy. For now, don’t say anything.

Now walk away and let your dog follow. A few meters further you try again. This will go smoother and smoother every time. Now hold the candy just below your left knee and try to achieve the same as before. If this succeeds, go a little higher each time until you are completely upright when the dog lies down. You’ve come a long way now.

Now you can link the command to it. Whenever your dog lays down, tell lie or down and give the treat. When this has been done about 10 times, walk your dog, suddenly stop and tell lie or down. Only when he lies down do you reward him with a treat.

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