dog's teeth

Taking care of your dog’s teeth is very important!

Dogs are busy with their teeth all day long. Gnawing and chewing on toys, food, and snacks. The teeth are used a lot. It is therefore not surprising that both plaque and tartar are common in dogs. Cleaning the dog’s teeth is therefore important.

Dental plaque and tartar:

Dental problems are the most common discomfort in dogs and cats worldwide. No less than 80% of dogs and 70% of cats suffer from gum disease from the age of three. Dental problems are mainly caused by plaque, which is converted into tartar after only 24 hours. Dental plaque is a barely visible layer consisting of food residues, mucus, and bacteria, which constantly forms on the teeth. There are several options for promoting clean teeth. Think of dental snacks and the various dental toys such as the flosstoy.

Most people (and dogs) find daily dental maintenance an often difficult battle with the pet. However, this is important for the health of your dog.

Cleaning dog teeth:

Now that we know that gum disease in dogs is a regular occurrence, it is important to start grooming on time. The dog’s teeth consist of a lot of teeth that are in constant contact with other products and foods. It is therefore important to brush your teeth regularly and to start at an early age. At a younger age, they can get used to this way of grooming.

Not only is brushing a good way to prevent dental problems, but there are also many dental toys, snacks, and chewing sticks available. In addition, the right nutrition contributes to the care of the teeth. The teeth of dogs are sanded clean by means of kibble.

So the dog’s teeth can be kept clean by using kibble as the main food, by brushing the teeth, and by chewing on special dental chew toys and chewing sticks.

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