Simple commands to teach your puppy

Simple commands to teach your puppy!

As we started our school life with moon, rose, fish. They start with sit, down, here. These simple commands to teach your puppy are the foundation of the entire bag of tricks you can teach him or her. We explain how in a few steps!


  • Stand next to your puppy and hold the collar with your right hand
  • Give the command “sit”
  • With your right hand you lend a hand, by pushing his / her head back slightly
  • With your left hand you “pat” in a smooth movement from the head, to the neck, to the back and let him or her almost sit on your hand.
  • Immediately reward your puppy and gently remove your hand! Now he/she certainly deserves a big hug or a tasty snack !


Get on your knees next to (right) your puppy, your puppy is also sitting. Grab the left leg with your left hand and the right leg with your right hand. Lift them while you chat with your pup. This way you let your puppy get used to the idea that you are lifting his paws.

  • Give the command “release”
  • Gently pull both legs forward, do this slowly!

Time for a reward again!! A nice piece of candy , or a pat on the head. That always works!

Final Words:

Your puppy regularly visits you. For example, if he is hungry, feels like playing or wants to cuddle. Take advantage of these moments! When you see your puppy wanting to come to you, yell “here!” and reward him or her when he is there. This makes it very nice to come to the owner.

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