Playing with your kitten to Spend Quality Time

Playing with your kitten to Spend Quality Time!

Playing with your kitten is not only a lot of fun, but it also strengthens the bond between you! Sometimes it seems that your kitten is always playing because a large part of his or her time is spent on this. This is very healthy for your kitten as it trains their motor skills, social behavior, and hunting skills. It is advisable to play briefly with your kitten several times a day (2 to 3 times).

Why play with your kitten?

Besides that your kitten can play alone with toys, you can of course also play together! This is possible with the well-known cat rods, or in this case kitten rods. By playing with a fishing rod, you always keep enough distance between you and your cat, so that you can avoid being scratched accidentally. A kitten rod ensures that you learn your kitten hunting skills and it also ensures that your kitten is on the move.

Another fun toy for your kitten is the Weezy play mat. Your kitten can use this mat to play alone, but you can also play with it together. For example, there is one area where you can hide treats for your kitten. Your kitten will then have to use its paws and nose to find the treats. There are also holes in the mat through which you can put a kitten rod or feather. You can move this back and forth, which will get your kitten’s attention. This way you can have fun playing with your kitten.

Finally, you can also combine playing with your kitten with socializing your kitten. Beeztees has specially designed the Krabbox Riva for this. This box is intended for play and at the same time, it can also be used as a scent habituation box. As an owner, you can hide certain scented objects in the box (such as leaves), so that your kitten can get used to new scents. To make the box even more fun, there are also hidden balls. Your kitten will try to get the balls!

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