Playing indoors in winter

Playing indoors in winter with Your Dog to spend Quality Time

Do you feel that the dog is always easily bored indoors? That can be annoying when it gets colder and wetter outside. In that case, the dog will be able to use some extra exercise indoors. 

Here are some fun games you can play with your dog:

Let the dog find:

Dogs really love this and the brain is actively stimulated. Have the dog wait in one room, while you hide a Beeztees Sumo toy in the other room, for example. Then call the dog.

Some dogs can take a while to find their toy and that way they get enough exercise for the rest of the day. Even though it can be a bit noisy, it’s a lot of fun to watch.

Do exercises with the dog:

Training together is always more fun than being alone! Put down your book or magazine and turn off the PC. Wake the dog up and drive him crazy with a toy.

Bone weaving is a perfect game for indoors and if you have enough space you can even make an 8 figure. The intention is that the dog walks through your legs, then takes a step forward, and then walks back through your legs.

With an 8 figure, you stand with your legs wide and let the dog walk through your legs like an 8. This way you can make the dog tired and also practice agility training.

Let the dog make an effort for something tasty!

Just like for people, it is not healthy for dogs to eat a lot and exercise little. You can choose to give the dog something tasty in a way that also allows them to lose their energy. For example, you can think of setting up a game in which you hide small cookies in the house, for example in a rug or old jeans.

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