Imitation behavior of dogs

Imitation behavior of dogs: Why Do Dogs Imitate Their Owners And Other Dogs?

Behavior Imitating means nothing more than imitating what someone else has done. Scientific studies have shown that, consciously or not, dogs will imitate their owner, just like we see with small children, for example.

Your faithful friend sees you doing something repeatedly and will copy it. This can also manifest itself in the behavior of your dog. So make sure that you don’t always get angry when your dog does something crazy, because your dog may very well be trying to imitate your behavior.

“The more time you spend together, the more you look alike”

This certainly applies to a dog and its owner. Your dog actually copies things that he sees on you more and more. Imitation is a natural characteristic of your dog, and we see it in small puppies. Incidentally, dogs are also capable, albeit unconsciously, of copying the behavior of other animals.

Learned Commands:

There is an essential difference between the commands you teach your dog and your dog’s natural imitation behavior. In order to teach dog obedience and decency, you will need to teach him or her commands such as “lie down,” “sit,” “come here,” and so on. If your four-legged friend hears these commands, he will comply, because that is what he has been taught. Teaching commands will often require a lot of patience and above all time from the owner, because the dog must learn to combine: if this is said, then he must do that.

A dog’s natural imitative behavior, on the other hand, is separate from learned behavior: if your dog often sees you shaking someone’s hand, it won’t be long before he’ll paw you too, he’s just imitating what he’s seen you do.

Imitation is separate from a reward:

The natural imitation behavior of the dog has nothing to do with a possible reward. Sure, your dog is more likely to do things if he knows he will be rewarded, but do you also reward him every time he or she paws? Or does your dog continue to do this without anything in return? Various studies have shown that the dog will continue to imitate its owner, regardless of whether there is anything against it or not, since it is part of its innate behavior to imitate.

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