Dog washing? These tips make washing easy and fun

Dog washing? These tips make washing easy and fun!

“How often can you bathe a dog?” is a question frequently asked by dog ​​owners. Washing does not have to be done regularly. But if your dog has been rolling in something filthy and walking around with an unpleasant smell or is drenched in mud, it’s time to give him a bath. Nowadays there are dog shampoos that do not remove the natural oils from the coat. If you are well prepared, it can be a lot of fun for the dog and for you to take care of his coat!

It is important that you use special dog shampoo. The pH value of humans is 5.5 and that of dogs 7.5. The closer to 0 the more acidic it is. It is important to wash with the right shampoo so that the sebum layer of the dog is not washed away. In humans it regulates temperature, but in dogs, it offers protection and prevents the skin from drying out.

Brush well beforehand:

It is best to brush your dog well before bathing. This removes the loose hairs and removes tangles from the coat. If your dog has a lot of problems with knots in his coat, take the time to remove them first. These knots only get worse with water.

Wash your dog:

Run lukewarm water into a tub or tub, about enough to reach the dog’s knees—or turn the shower on to a temperature that’s comfortable for the dog. Place a bath mat or towel in the tub to prevent the dog from slipping. Now lift your dog into the tub, reward him exuberantly with your voice. Hold it in place with one hand and scoop water over the fur with the other. It is also possible to use the shower nozzle. When you do this, keep it close to the fur so the dog doesn’t get nervous. Then apply the dog shampoo and rub it gently and gently through the entire coat. For the head, you can use a sponge, be careful not to get soap in their eyes.

Then use clean lukewarm water to rinse off so that no shampoo remains.

Drying your dog

Dry dog ​​after washing with a towel Then squeeze the water out of the fur before drying off with a few towels. To prevent direct shaking of the dog, you can hold it by the scruff of the neck. You can also use a hairdryer, but set it to a very low temperature, don’t blow your dog in its face, and don’t hold it too close to the fur.

Important: check whether the ears are completely dry because damp ears are a place where bacteria like to nest. Finally, praise your dog exuberantly after washing and give him a reward, so it will become more and more fun in the long run!

Not washing your dog at home or not washing your dog at all?

After these tips, do you still not feel like washing the dog yourself or do you look up to the mess? Then there are also options for taking care of your dog’s coat outside the home. For this, you can go to a dog grooming salon or dog wash.

Dog grooming salon:

There are plenty of dog grooming salons in the Netherlands, you can find one in almost every city! These kinds of salons are often run by trained animal caretakers. They know everything about the coat of your specific dog and can take care of it optimally. In addition, you save yourself a hassle with washing the dog.

Dog wash:

Sometimes you can also look up to washing the dog because it can cause a lot of mess. If you prefer to keep it clean at home, it can be an idea to visit a dog wash. All the necessary resources and accessories are available here to care for the coat as optimally as possible!

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