What do I look for when choosing a puppy

Choosing a Right Puppy: What do I look for when choosing a puppy?

Have you thought it through and decided to get a puppy? Then it is important that you pay attention to a number of things! In this blog we will discuss a number of topics that you should think carefully about when buying a puppy.

Choice for the type of breed

First of all, it is important that you think about what type of dog suits you. Not every dog ​​is suitable to be in someone’s house. Points to take into account are:

Character : 

it is important to choose a character that fits your family situation. The right puppy can provide a lot of fun, but if it doesn’t match your situation, it can also be difficult. For example, a certain breed may need a lot of exercise, but it is important that you can also give this to the dog.

Reason :

The reason for getting a puppy is also important. Do you want him as a companion animal, as a watchdog, do you want to race or hunt with him? Again, it is important to see whether the reason for taking the dog fits the character of the dog and the living situation you have.

Size :

 it is also not an unimportant point, whether the puppy and certainly also the growing dog will fit in your home. For example, a large dog must be able to roam freely in the house and the basket of a large dog must also fit in the house, for example.


your puppy and later also your dog must be cared for daily . Feeding should be done at regular times and your puppy should also be taken out several times a day. Brushing the coat, brushing teeth and clipping nails are also things that have to be done several times. Puppies need extra attention, especially in the beginning. Time to socialize, house train and often go to puppy training as well. It is important that you check whether you have enough time for this. Again, one breed needs to be cared for more than another breed.


it is important that you check whether you have enough budget to buy a puppy, but also to be able to maintain the puppy. Not only must food be bought, but costs are also incurred for dog accessories, courses, veterinary costs and any kennel costs, insurance and grooming salons.

Choose a nest:

If you have checked previous points and have chosen a certain breed, you can choose a litter. Did you choose a purebred dog? Then you can often find a list of planned and newly born litters via breed clubs. Sometimes breed clubs only list litters if both parents have been tested for diseases. The puppy is more likely to be healthy if both parents are also free of disease. Are you not specifically looking for a purebred dog? Then you can, for example, look at Marktplaats.

In both cases it is important to take a good look at what type of breeder you are dealing with. For example, you can see how often the breeder has had a litter. Is this for the first time (an “occasional litter”) or does the breeder have more experience with it. It is important that the breeder does not have litters too often, that it is no longer healthy for the mother dog. It is important that you find a breeder that you feel comfortable with.

Questionnaire for breeder:

Have you chosen a breeder? Then you usually have the first contact with the breeder by telephone or email. It can be helpful to make a list of all the questions you have, so you can make sure you don’t forget anything. Topics you can ask about are:

Health of the parents and relatives of the puppy?

How are the puppies growing up now?

What does the breeder expect from you?

First visit:

The first visit to the breeder can already take place before the litter is born. This visit gives you a better idea of ​​the breeder and you can also see the character of the mother. You can also immediately take a look and pay attention to the home and family situation. For example, the breeder keeps the puppy pen clean.

It is good to visit a nest several times and not immediately decide. A breeder will also only be happy with genuine interest. Please note that it is customary that you are not allowed to come and watch when the puppies have just been born.

Choose a puppy from the litter:

Once you have found a suitable nest, perhaps the most exciting part comes. You are now actually going to choose your puppy. In some cases you can make a decision yourself, in other cases the breeder will choose or it will be in joint consultation. In some breeds a puppy test is taken when the puppy is about 7 weeks old. The purpose of this test is to map the basic character of the puppies in social and work areas, in order to make a better match with the future owner.

In addition to a possible test, you can also pay attention to a number of things yourself. Does the puppy socialize with his brothers and sister or does he prefer to be separated? Does he participate in games, has he started the game or does he not really participate? By paying attention to these kinds of things, you can already get an idea of ​​whether the puppy has a calm or a more energetic character.

Then see how the puppy reacts when you approach the run. This way you can see if he is enthusiastic or if he keeps more distance. A puppy that makes contact quickly will be less cuddly than a puppy that keeps a little more distance. A healthy, sociable and people-friendly dog ​​will come up to greet you and will also be curious (may be breed dependent). In addition, you can ask if the puppy can also go out to see if he responds. For example, does the puppy want to play with you or does he find the environment more exciting. You can also ask if the puppy can sit on your lap. Then you can find out if he likes to cuddle and likes to be petted.

The puppy may not have had his day on the first visit, causing him to appear different. But if you think that he comes across as very insecure, while the breeder says something else, then it can’t be wrong to go back and see how the character really is at a later time.

Watch your own feelings!

The most important thing is that you have a good feeling with the breeder and of course with the puppy. When in doubt, don’t do it!

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