Guide to Socialization of your kitten

A Beginner’s Guide to Socialization of your kitten!

The socialization of your kitten in the first weeks is very important in influencing his or her behavior as an adult cat. Proper socialization of your kitten will ensure that your cat will deal with new situations more easily and be less afraid at a later age.

Two socialization phases

The first phase of socialization already starts with the breeder, this phase is between the age of 3 and 8 weeks. The second socialization period starts from about 8 weeks to 16 weeks.

The first stage in your kitten’s socialization

Kittens are allowed to leave the nest around 7/8 weeks. The role of the mother-cat is therefore of great importance in the socialization of the kitten. Your kitten learns what it’s like to be a cat from its mother, so what is normal cat behavior? So it’s extra nice if the mother cat is also a well-socialized cat. This will also affect your kitten’s behavior. So pay attention: does the mother cat get along well with people? Then your kitten will also learn that people are not scary. If the kitten bites or scratches, he or she will be corrected by the mother.

The second stage in your kitten’s socialization

You cannot teach a kitten to sit, roll or paw. But they can certainly learn a lot. That will happen this period. Teach them to get used to different sounds, materials, and objects. The Weezy play mat is super suitable for this.
You can also teach your kitten not to scratch your furniture or bite your shoelaces. The most important thing is that you are super consistent and accurate in this. The best results are achieved by rewarding good behavior. So get a lot of goodies for your kitten and make sure that there are enough places for your cat to scratch. Your cat needs at least 3 places in the house to scratch.

Taking care of your kitten’s nails

Kittens/cats scratch to take care of their nails, among other things. They prefer to do this close to their sleeping place, the heart area. The preference is here to scratch vertically. So choose a simple scratching post here that your kitten can scratch.

Deodorize and relieve stress:

In the second area, the habitat, your kitten will mainly scratch to release scent. So define territory. In addition, your cat also scratches here to relieve stress. In this area, choose one, or more, horizontal surface(s), such as a cardboard scratching board.
Then lastly you have the hunting ground. When there are other cats or other scents in the area, your cat likes to release his stress, he or she does this by scratching. The cat also releases its own scents to communicate with other cats.
Does your kitten still scratch your stuff? Then try the scratching post or board in a different place, you will see that the place is especially important for your kitten.

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