10 tips for a wonderful autumn walk with your Dog

10 tips for a wonderful autumn walk with your Dog

1. When your dog is still a puppy, it is not wise to go for a walk in the woods all day. Depending on the dog breed, a puppy can take a walk of about 6 kilometers from 1 year. Then you can slowly build up the walk. It is wise to take a rest after every hour of walking.

2. Start obedience training before going for a walk. You want to make sure that your dog behaves well with other dogs or people around.

3. A nice autumn walk is like a feast for your dog. Then make this party something your dog can look forward to. Bring fun dog toys so you can play fun games during the walk.

4. Take enough water and dog food with you for the journey. When your dog is constantly on the move, it’s important to take breaks, eat and drink on time.

5. If you don’t have a forest around the corner, it is important that you transport your dog safely in the car. This can be done, for example, with a dog harness or in a bench. It is also wise to take a warm blanket with you in the back of the car. When your dog comes out of the forest wet, he can warm up afterwards.

6. Make sure to alternate between walking loose and on a leash. Walking freely in the forest is of course no problem, but it is of course nice if your dog can walk freely in busier places.

7. Watch out for mushrooms! Some dogs are very curious and see a mushroom as a tasty treat. Make sure that a dog does not chew on a mushroom, they can be very poisonous.

8. Make sure your dog also walks on paved roads. Of course, a soft forest path is wonderful for your dog, but it is important for a dog that he gets enough calluses under his paws. Therefore, check the bottom of the legs regularly.

9. Take a tick clip with you when you go for a walk. Ticks are especially common in the forest. Check your dog’s or puppy’s coat before you drive back and remove ticks immediately if you come across them.

10. Is your dog dirty with mud after a walk? Then let him have a nice swim in some water. If your dog is not a swimmer, rinse it well at home right away. If you don’t do this, there is a good chance that tangles will form in your dog’s coat.

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