9 Dangerous And Forbidden Glade Events In Against The Storm

Exploring new glades is risky, especially since the most dangerous ones can end your game quickly if you aren’t ready.

In Against the Storm, a roguelike city-building game, you play as a Viceroy who has to build a happy, productive town in a mysterious world where it always rains. A lot of the puzzles in the game happen in the Glades, which are hidden by trees at the start of each area.

If you cut your way into these places, you’ll usually find their secrets, which can be both very valuable and very dangerous. Those with heads with horns are always dangerous. When you find out about an event, you have to work quickly to fix it before something bad happens to your village. Even worse, you get a penalty as you work on it. Which one of these Glades is the most dangerous and should be left undiscovered?

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