6 Ways Blockchain Will Transform Higher Education

What, according to you, has been the biggest impact of blockchain technology? Well, for any expert, it is hard to depict just one impactful picture of it all. There have been several domains that blockchain technology has impacted. It has done a tremendous job in improving the quality of data sharing. Moreover, there are better ways for people to perform monetary transactions. Decentralization is also one of the biggest advantages that blockchain technology has to offer.

But, there is one domain that it has just started to transform. The education sector is one area that has not gotten many changes being made by blockchain technology. Blockchain development focused primarily on changing the banking scenario of the world. It started as creating an alternative to centralization.

Now, blockchain technology has multiple implementations in the education sector. It is getting all-out recognition from universities and many other educational institutes as well. Be it the grading system or even the exam paper distribution system, blockchain technology is the one for them. Let us take a look at the various ways that blockchain technology is transforming higher education.

Automatic Transfer of Credits

Often colleges across the globe have to face problems when it comes to transferring students. With the option to drop out and continue to study later, the issue has gone bigger now. The problem that the institutes face is related to the transfer of credits and their credibility. Different universities make use of different systems for grading. That is why they allot credits based on their systems.

With the use of blockchain technology, institutes can get into one system of credits and transfers. As per passing of a course, the student will automatically get the credits allotted to them within the network. This way, the universities will not have to face the issue of different credit systems. Even if a student drops out in the first year itself, they will be regarded with a diploma certificate, and credits will be enrolled on the blockchain.

So, you can continue your degree even after taking a break from it for a while. This system can be learned in India with the help of blockchain certification India. So, it does not matter if you are a student in India or any other country; your credits will get transferred easily.

Tracking the Patents and Intellectual Property

What does it mean by intellectual property? Well, it is not any asset that will buy you wealth. Instead, it is the property of a researcher in the domain of their work. Suppose you have a research finding in the sector of polymer gel batteries, so that becomes your intellectual property. Now, you will have to publish the findings and make sure that the scientific community has also recognized it. The whole system takes a lot of time and sometimes the research gets lost too.

Blockchain technology can have a huge impact on this role. Researchers can have a complete network to share their findings. Moreover, since the research will be completely digital and on the blockchain, it can get searched too. Suppose you have researched a certain topic, then your research findings will get compared on the blockchain. Whatever findings would already be present on the network will get cited automatically.

This way, the whole community can function easily and keep track of every finding that is being published. So, if you are planning to enter the field of blockchain technology, then take advantage of the advancements from it. Blockchain development and training can help you grow your career in the education sector as well. Just make sure that you are using your knowledge to the best of your performance.

Student Data Security

We are now living in the age of data is money. This means that the companies are earning money by selling products to customers using their data. Now, student proliferation is a huge place for getting data. You may be getting emails or messages from different universities after high school. This happens because your data was shared by the education institute you earlier studied in. Data security for the students is negligible in the current scenario. This is where the importance of blockchain technology comes to play.

Blockchain development has always been about keeping the data added to blocks, secure and away from third parties. If you are on a blockchain network, then the data accessible to you will not be available to anyone else. The people who are the participants of a network only have access to the shared information. Applying the blockchain-based proliferation system will help keep student identities safe.

Not only will this data be accessible to educational institutes globally, but it will also cut out any other party. Only if a person has access to a certain blockchain network, then only they can look at the student details. So, blockchain technology training can be done in the direction of improving the student identity factor.

Need for Verifiable Resumes

What do you mean by verifiable resumes? Well, in today’s scenario, it is not that hard to fake educational and even professional history. A lot of people have lied on their CVs just to get a job and the task to verify a CV is cumbersome. Moreover, students who wish to continue studying after a gradual break, have to submit loads of documents as well. The universities have always wished for a system where they can verify the educational background and legitimacy of students.

With the help of blockchain technology, the system can be improved in this aspect as well. Student details can be added to one big educational network. The resume of a student would be automatically updated with every experience and course added to their details. This would mean that the CV would be automatically verified and educational institutes will not have to do the work. Now this is why countries like India are having young minds interested in blockchain development. Blockchain certification in India has now become a trending search because of the same reason.

Ensure the Security of Certificates

Often, students have to take a lot of effort and time to get a verified copy of their certificates from the universities. This is because the records are to be checked and then verified and posted by the university. Moreover, if you go to any other institute to study or even as a job candidate, you will need the certificates. Most of all, the transcripts of your course are most important for the future. Now, every institute and job provider will check for verified documents. So, the task of keeping your verified documents secure and not going through the efforts again is pretty cumbersome.

Blockchain technology can be the savior in this regard. All your records and certificates can be stored and verified through a singular network. In the age of digitalization, universities and job providers would accept digital verification as well. So, blockchain development in the direction of securing the certificates and verifying them is the way to go. Blockchain technology training provides further insight into how all of this is possible.


We have talked about five major ways in which blockchain development is revolutionizing the education sector. Coming to the sixth point can be left to the readers. You now have the podium to research blockchain development and training. If you are coming from a country like India, blockchain certification in India can be a great start for searching. Moreover, companies like Blockchain Council are providing the best blockchain courses in blockchain technology. Make sure to make the best out of such courses and get your future directed toward blockchain technology.

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