15 Social Media Tricks for Exhibitors to Use for a Trade Show

Are you going to conduct an exhibition at a Trade Show? Do you want to take your exhibition to the masses? Do you know how Social Media can boost your Exhibition and attract more visitors? Here are some tips and tricks for you on how you can use social media as an exhibitor for your next exhibition at a trade show:

  1. Promote that you will be an exhibitor: Start posting on social media about your trade show booth displays weeks before the trade show to let people know you will have a booth. Share the details of what you will be showcasing. This helps to drive attendees to your booth.

  1. Create a hashtag for your booth: Come up with a unique hashtag just for your trade show activities and promote it on all social platforms. Ask people to use the hashtag when posting about your products or booth.

  1. Share photos and videos from your booth: Post real-time photos and videos of your trade show booth design, product demos, speakers, giveaways, etc. while the trade show is taking place. People following remotely will feel involved and may engage with your posts.

  1. Engage with attendees who post from your booth: See if anyone at the trade show posts about visiting your booth or a new product demo on social media. Like their posts, comment on them, and thank them for stopping by. Start a conversation and connect with them after the show.

  1. Share shoutouts you receive: If an attendee posts something great about their experience at your booth or with your product, share that on your own social media accounts. Their kind words and social proof will gain attention and credibility. Be sure to thank them for the mention.

  1. Highlight partners or sponsors: If you have any partners, vendors, sponsors, or exhibition stand contractorat your booth, thank them on social media. Tag them in posts and spread the word about their participation and support. They and their audiences may share your thanks and help to cross-promote.

  1. Stay active even after the show ends: Keep posting highlights from the trade show for days and even weeks after it concludes. Share more photos, videos, key takeaways, contacts made, partnerships formed, and events that stemmed from your attendance. Keep the buzz and momentum going.

  1. Follow up with new social connections: Connect on LinkedIn or your other social networks with people you met at the custom exhibit design. Tag them in any posts you shared and comment, inviting them to stay in touch. Turn new contacts into lasting professional relationships and connections.

  1. Live stream from your booth: If possible, live stream interviews with staff, product demos, or booth tours on Facebook Live, Instagram Live, or another platform. This allows those not attending to still see what you’re showcasing and engage with questions. Save the live streams to post on your channels later too.

  1. Share attendee testimonials: Ask some visitors if they’d be willing to share a quick testimonial on camera about their experience at your booth. Post those video testimonials to your social media profiles to build trust and credibility for future shows.

  1. Use event-specific hashtags: See if the trade show has an official hashtag and use that in all your posts. But also search for other popular hashtags attendees and exhibitors are using to tap into that wider audience. Your posts may be seen by more people interested in that industry or event.

  1. Promote any speaking sessions: If you or someone from your company is speaking at the event, share details about the presentation on social media. Live tweet or stream parts of the talk from the session for people who couldn’t attend. Post slides or key takeaways after the event. This demonstrates your expertise.

  1. Make networking social: When meeting new contacts at the trade show, ask if they’re on LinkedIn, Twitter, or other social networks. Exchange profile information to connect there as well and deepen new business relationships. But be sure to also follow up away from social media.

  1. Post-show summations: Once back from the trade show, share posts summarizing your key wins, successes, contacts made, partnerships begun, and plans based on attending. This helps to demonstrate a return on investment and the value you gained from exhibiting. People who follow you will feel involved in your strategy and next steps.

  1. Share your trade show booth display location: Post the booth or stand number where attendees can find you at the trade show. Make it easy for people to locate you by giving them the specific details of where you’ll be in the venue. They may come to find you to connect in person.

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