10 New Pilgrim Coloring Pages – Gratis to Print and Color for Kids

Pilgrim Coloring Pages. On Thanksgiving Day, many themes and visual images are closely associated with the holiday. One of them would have to be the brave Pilgrims. The Pilgrims were some of the earliest settlers in the United States and had a long history. They are also associated with the first Thanksgiving, the holiday to this day.

We’re Here to Celebrate Them in this Group of Free Pilgrims Coloring Pages for Kids!

We have 10 images of pilgrim men and women in various postures to have fun being creative with. Show your colour creativity as you finish these pages. All these colouring pages are free to print and enjoy, so you can experiment as much as you like. Sharing these pages with friends and family can also spread the fun.

Enjoy! Comparing how different people coloured the same image is a great way to keep it fun. So now, let’s begin this cluster as we celebrate the Pilgrims. Once you’ve chosen and coloured your favourite pages from the collection, you can share your finished works of art. on our Facebook and Pinterest pages.

10 New Pilgrim Coloring Pages – Gratis to Print and Color

We have a charming and friendly Pilgrim for you to colour on this first page! He wears traditional clothing often associated with pilgrims, including his distinctive hat. There are many ways to colour this Pilgrim, and you can make the colours bright and bold or more muted if you prefer.

On the second page of this collection of free Pilgrims Free coloring pages, we have a Pilgrim Girl striking a funny pose. Her outfit looks cheerful in this picture, so you could add some cheerful colours to her background or draw a scene for her.

There is a Sense of Calm that Comes from the Next Page

This Pilgrim is having a good day and enjoying it! This Pilgrim is drawn with more detail than the previous ones, making it more colourful. You can use mediums such as coloured pens or pencils to help you colour the smallest details more accurately. What media came to mind when you saw this? This next Pilgrim colouring sheet is really fun! This man is drawn in a fun cartoon style, and his appearance gives off quite a cheerful feeling. Some brighter colours would be perfect for this guy, and you’d have plenty of options for colouring his beard and other details.

We have a Very Cute Pilgrim Boy for You to Colour this Time

He is drawn in a very funny cartoonish style, giving off a happy sentiment. This is another one where you could draw some background detail to finish nicely. What kind of adventures do you think he could be living? You can show us any additional details you can add! On this next printable Pilgrim coloring page, we have another stylized Pilgrim boy for you to colour! We’re seeing a lot of different looks in this collection, and this one is really fun and whimsical Coloring Pages. Now all that remains is to figure out which colours suit you best. This is another image where we would use some bright and happy colours.

We Would do that, But do You Think You’ll Take a Similar Approach or Try Something Different?

Once again, we have a Pilgrim drawn in a fun, exaggerated style. It’s hard to look at this image and not feel happy with the depiction. So now, all that’s left is to decide which colours suit this guy best. We would use a solid, bright background to create a striking image, but what would look good for the background?

The Eighth Pilgrim Coloring Page for You to Colour Features Another Charming Depiction of a Pilgrim Boy

We have another cartoon style for you to enjoy in this one, and you can find some colours to match the style. This one would look great whether you’re wearing bright, vibrant colours or more muted tones, so it’s up to you to decide how you’d like to bring this pilgrim boy to life with colour! It is to colour another Pilgrim woman on the next page of this collection.

We have another pilgrim drawn in this fun and whimsical style! The way she’s drawn makes her look like an old doll. If you’re okay with that, you can colour it to make it look like one. To complete the look, you can also draw a background showing her with other toys.

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